New Years Parties in Montreal

New Years parties in Montreal range from huge outdoor soirees open to the general public to exclusive parties at luxury hotels and restaurants. If you are planning to attend one of the 2023 New Years events in Montreal you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of places to go and the general amicability of the people you meet. Windsor, Toronto, and other cities around Canada also throw great celebrations for New Years Eve, but this French-Canadian city offers a unique and distinctive experience on the big night.

Perhaps the biggest and most popular Montreal New Years Eve event is the Montreal Old Port celebration. This is a mostly outside event where you can ice skate, enjoy a hot cocoa, local beer, or nice glass of champagne. One of the appeals of this event is that you can do all of this without taking off your skates. The fireworks display is spectacular and the masses come out every year easily making this one of the most popular New Years parties in Montreal. Be sure to layer up and dress warmly as temperatures in this part of Canada in the winter get plenty cold.

There is another Montreal New Years Eve event known as Kiss and Fly that is held in a club that contains an emptied-out swimming pool where people dance and party. There are DJs, drinks, and general craziness in the air. Advance tickets are cheaper, and cost approximately $60 at the door and $100 and up for VIP tickets, which gets you access to VIP seating and top-shelf liquor throughout the night. If nightlife in Montreal is what you are going for in terms of New Years events in Montreal then this may just be the ideal party for you.

Montreal New Years Eve at Le Salon Daome is also a clubby celebration but a much less tranquil and expensive one. For a reasonable fee, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere of dancing and celebration complete with a complimentary champagne toast right at the stroke of midnight. This is one of the popular New Years events in Montreal and has a generally young crowd.

The city attractions that draw people to Montreal every year also draw them to this gorgeous city for New Years Eve. There are so many New Years parties in Montreal that no matter what your ideal evening is, you should be able to find the perfect place to enjoy it. The city is peppered with exquisite restaurants and hotels that offer up the finest in international cuisine. French delicacies are served in abundance along with nearly every other kind of food conceivable. Make a reservation at one of these hotels and you will be able to pay a fixed price for your 2023 Montreal New Years Eve dinner. Normally these packaged reservation deals include a complimentary toast at the stroke of midnight as well as a drink or two on the house.

So, if you want to steer clear of New Years events in Montreal that involve being outside in the cold or at a wild club, you may want to consider booking a reservation at one of the city’s many fine restaurants. This provides a more tranquil and personal setting for those who are interested in this kind of atmosphere to ring in the New Year and would rather just get a few pictures of the New Years festivities in the area.

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