2015 New Years Las Vegas

New Years Las Vegas
New Years Las Vegas

When it comes to ringing in the New Year, there are plenty of places around the globe where you can live it up. In New York City, the famous ball drop at Times Square is a New Years institution. From Los Angeles to London, the nightclubs will be throwing raucous bashes that will make you wish every night could be New Years. At the top of the list for places to be when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, Las Vegas has certainly secured a spot. Sure, Vegas is alive and kicking every night of the year, but when it comes to New Years Eve in Las Vegas, the atmosphere in the streets is at its most festive. That is if you consider drinking and partying festive, which is pretty much the rule when you are in Vegas. You will want to begin planning your 2014 New Years Las Vegas itinerary as soon as possible, as not only can you save money by booking early, but you will also be likely to better secure your place at your casino, bar or restaurant of choice. Plans are always good, but due to the craziness that is Las Vegas in general, it's understandable if you happen to stray from those plans. After all, you never know exactly what you might end up getting yourself into.

New Years Las Vegas 2014
New Years Las Vegas 2014  Image: Las Vegas News Bureau

Generally, when celebrating New Years Las Vegas style, a lot of revelers engage in a casino crawl of sorts, enjoying the different lounges at such popular digs as Bally's, Harrah's, Caesars Palace and the Paris Hotel. Some people like to play the tables at a casino or two in hopes of winning some extra cash before heading out to the street to prepare for midnight and enjoy the outside parties leading up to it. Some people think it a good idea to have a nice dinner before they begin to fill their stomachs with libations, and that is always a good idea. You don't want to be "that person" who due to the lack of sustenance runs into some alcohol-induced issues. After all, you want to be able to enjoy yourself. You'll also want to remember your New Years Vegas night out. Well, in most cases you will. There are two main Las Vegas parties that take place outdoors, but just because you are in the middle of the desert doesn't mean that you will be warm. You will want to bring at least a good jacket for outside, as when the sun goes down, the temps can dip down into the 30's. The Vegas Strip provides one of the scenes for the two main outdoors Las Vegas New Years Eve parties, and beginning as early as 8 p.m., people start to gather in the main area. You are free to roam the streets in Vegas with a drink in hand every night, and especially on New Years it is the norm—you'll see plenty of New Years images of Vegas and its legendary crowds. The other main outdoors New Years Vegas party takes place downtown at the Fremont Experience.

In the past, the younger crowd often preferred to party on the Vegas Strip, and this is still very much the case. But, as the Fremont party has recently been bulking up its entertainment lineup and its overall offerings, it is becoming just as hip for those in their 20's and early 30's to head there all the same. The Vegas Strip is a blast, to say the least. Packed with beverage-equipped partyers, the inhibitions drift away with each passing minute. A few minutes before the clock strikes midnight, some of the Vegas hotels along the strip begin to sound off with a few warm-up fireworks. Then, once the clock does hit the midnight hour, from Mandalay Bay on down the Strip to the Stratosphere, the fireworks from all the casinos begin to erupt. It's as if the tops are being blown off all of the buildings with a colorful touch. Downtown at the Fremont Experience, the midnight fireworks are replaced by a light and sound show that plays out on an overhead canopy. Confetti fills the air at the magic hour, and the party leading up to it is more of the Times Square variety. This year, the jam at Fremont will be bigger and better than ever. On both ends of the area there will be a stage where you can expect performances from such groups as the All American Rejects, Five for Fighting, Rockstar SuperNova, OK GO, and Chicago. The party will start around 5:30, with the entertainment heating up around 8:00. If you want to catch dinner at some point, you might want to make reservations ahead for the various restaurants that will offer packages for dinner. The same goes for the Strip.

From the lounges and bars at the Rio, to Planet Hollywood, you can dance and lose yourself in the music while you celebrate New Years Eve 2014 in Las Vegas. At places like the Tryst club at the Wynn Casino, the definitive agendas for the Las Vegas New Years Eve parties will be out in December, as that is when most places begin to reveal their lineup. But, that doesn't mean you can't start looking for tickets ahead of time. You don't have to stay at a specific casino to enjoy one of its parties, but if you are thinking about it, you might find deals if you book as soon as possible. You might consider looking for New Years Eve vacation packages to save some bucks. One thing is certain. Wherever you go to celebrate New Years Eve in Las Vegas, you will have a blast with a capital B.

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