New Years London

New Years London
New Years London

When it comes to celebrating New Years Eve in Europe, London is a good place to consider for those looking to have a really good time. For those who don't already live in London, or have never been before, the chance to visit this historic, world city is icing on the New Years cake. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the castles in England will dazzle tourists who have never seen things the like. The entire UK, much like the rest of the world, will be in party mode when the New Year rolls around, and in London alone, there will be a long list of places where you can celebrate with a pint, or your drink of preference. If you are out traipsing about by foot, you will want to head towards Big Ben to take New Years pictures of the impressive fireworks that explode over the Houses of Parliament. But, if you're looking for a raucous good time, the London clubs and bars are where you will want to celebrate your 2023 New Years Eve London night out. London has some of the best clubs in the world, and it rivals the best of cities when it comes to music scenes. Entertainment will certainly be on the agenda at various spots, and plenty of New Years London parties will feature some prime acts. Simply put, when it comes to New Years Eve in Europe, London is a top draw.

London New Years
London New Years

As for the top clubs in London, you'd have to consider Fabric. At Fabric, there are three main rooms that are all equipped with their own sound systems, but Room 1 just might have the coolest dance floor in all the city. The floor in Room 1 is known as a Bodysonic dance floor, which means that it vibrates to the beat of the music. Bass transducers set in the floor emit deep frequencies that you can feel pulsing through your body. Club Fabric also features 3 bars, thus reducing the time in line you'll have to wait when you are looking for another drink. While they haven't yet released the details for their New Years Eve London party, you can be sure it's going to be a fun one. Another London club that is bound to have one of the best New Years Eve London parties is the Ministry of Sound which was an integral club in the development of house music. Over its 16-year history, the Ministry of Sound has featured some top acts and hosted a list of VIP celebrities, like Mick Jagger, Eminem and Wyclef Jean. In other words, you never who you might see turn up here. Their New Years party agenda is soon to be released.

For the last 28 years, Pacha London has been one of the hippest clubs in the capital city, and you can bet they'll be bringing pure hedonistic style to the New Years Eve UK scene. Set in a building that dates back to the 1920's, this impressive club features a stained glass ceiling and a balustraded gallery that looks over the club's primary dance floor. Found in the heart of London, you can party here in style while celebrating New Years Eve in Europe, and surely you will find yourself lost to the sounds emitting from the state of the art sound system. Like many of the other New Years Eve London parties, this one will go until 5 a.m. On top of the DJ's slated to play, main acts include Mutany, NonStop Heroes, Love-Tec collective and Oil Baily, among others. Other hip New Years Eve London parties at the numerous clubs around town will surely be as popular as the aforementioned. More clubs you might consider spending your New Years Eve in Europe at are The Cross, Funky Buddha and Kensington Roof Gardens. The list truly goes on and on, so if you miss the chance to book the first New Years Eve London parties on your list, there will be plenty more worthy enough of providing a memorable party experience.

In the major cities of Ireland and Scotland, you will also find a list of 2023 New Years Eve UK parties that will feed your appetite to party like a rock star. Across the English Channel, Paris is not far off, and you can learn a bit about what to expect there in the New Years Paris article. For those who are looking for a more relaxed scene in London for New Years Eve, there are comedy shows, elegant dinner affairs and even some New Years cruises to consider, each offering their own atmosphere where you can usher in the New Year at your preferred pace. As the day approaches, you'll want to check with the locations that you think might interest you, as many spots have yet to release their definitive plans.

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