New Years Mexico

New Years Eve Mexico
New Years Eve Mexico

When the New Year nears and you begin to wonder where you are going to want to celebrate, there is always 2023 New Years in Mexico. During the cold winters in the north, the welcome climate of Mexico can be especially appreciated. While a the majority of Mexican natives will be celebrating the New Years with their families over a long dinner, there are a good amount who will excuse themselves later on to find a party somewhere. In Mexico City, you can partake in the large street festival, and if you are staying in one of the popular coastal vacation destinations, then you might want to take in one of the electric Mexico beach parties. New Years in Mexico is an especially colorful affair, and it seems wherever you go, the streets are appropriately decked out in festive hues. You can have your Mexico New Years pretty much how you want it, but you might just want to make sure that you share in the Mexican tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight. You get to make a wish for each grape eaten! If your wish is to enjoy the holiday like never before and grab some unusual and memorable New Years pictures, then the Mexico New Years might just be for you.

New Years Mexico
New Years Mexico

If you are looking for the biggest Mexico New Years celebration, it will be found in Mexico City. From Zocalo, the city's main square, the route to the Palacio de Bellas Artes will be closed down, as will part of the Paseo de la Reforma Boulevard. In the afternoon, music will begin to fill the air as bands play on the various stages set up along this route. Hordes of people will be out to enjoy the festivities, most likely with a drink in hand, awaiting the excitement of midnight. After a long fireworks session, the party continues, and it doesn't stop until well into the early morning hours. Especially along the Paseo de la Reforma, the atmosphere is carnival-like. In addition to the energy that the bands bring, various dancers and floats make their way about this stretch, making you wonder if you were somehow transported to New Years in Rio de Janeiro without your knowing it. Don't be surprised if you are given a complimentary disposal camera at this party. The idea is for you to capture your Mexico New Years fun on film so that it will not only be with you forever in memory, but also in pictures. If you want to be at the heart of the Mexico City party, then stake out a spot at the Zocalo. A Mexican Times Square celebration of sorts, big name Latin entertainers and various t.v. networks make the party here all the more special.

If clubbing is your thing, then you can celebrate New Years in Mexico at some of the Mexico City nightclubs, which you can bet will be hot and heavy. Take your favorite nightclub in the States, or in Europe, and throw in the tantalizing dance moves that most Latinos seem to be born with, and you begin to realize that a night out at a Mexico City dance club could get quite steamy. Add the extra temptation to party that New Years brings, and the temperature keeps rising. Club Maya is just one of the hot Mexican nightclubs where you can find a sizzling Mexico New Years bash. Bar Cosmo is another club to consider for your Mexico New Years night out. This trendy hangout often attracts celebrity DJ's who get the see-and-be-seen crowd out on the dance floor. Here, you can find a list of innovative and exotic cocktails, and it's hard to think that the Mexico New Years party here will be anything but a letdown. Other Mexico City bars/clubs you might want to hit are Mama Rumba, Cinna Bar, and Area, which is an ultra-trendy rooftop bar found at the Hotel Habita.

If you aren't in Mexico City for New Years 2023, hopefully you are off enjoying one of the New Years Eve Mexico beach parties, which rival anything you'll find in Miami or Las Vegas. At Playa del Carmen in Cancun, the party will be all that you could want, and more. The party here will basically start at sunset and last until pretty much the last person goes home. Let yourself go to the tunes that the renowned DJ's will be spinning. Among the featured DJ's that will be doing their thing at Playa del Carmen are Damian Lazarus, Micheal Mayer, Heidi and M.A.N.D.Y. In beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Will Gorges and Gilles Belanger present an affair that is sure to be one of the most anticipated Mexico beach parties. Among the 5 dance events that will be taking place around New Years is the Main Event, which will be held at Oscar's. Pretty much all of Puerto Vallarta will be celebrating New Years, from the hotels and restaurants to the night clubs. It's the biggest party of the year, and if you are looking for a change of pace, then come celebrate New Years in Mexico. Feliz Año Nuevo!

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