Train Vacations

Train vacations have many benefits for traveling both short and long distances. Charming towns and busy, urban areas, rugged canyons and misty mountaintops, never-ending stretches of prairies and valleys, and endless skies combine to create one of the most vivid and fascinating moving pictures of our time. There is a magnetism about great historical train vacations and an innate understanding that nothing really comes close to offering such a distinct experience. Nostalgia takes over on century-old routes during a US train vacation while the thrill of the unfamiliar and continuum of fantastic scenery is something difficult to look away from.

A US train vacation in the Southwest is more than a distinct possibility, it’s easily achievable. There are several excellent railroads presenting options for quick jaunts, half-day trips, and extended journeys. In Colorado, the Durango Silverton Railroad is one of the most loved of all railroads. Explore San Juan National Forest by train aboard a steam-powered, coal-fired historic locomotive riding a 125-year-old railroad.

Great historical train vacations leaving Washington DC via Amtrak and ending in St. Augustine Florida are popular with families. These ten-day historic railroad vacations include a trip to the White House and the Smithsonian, stop in Williamsburg and explore American Revolution history, and visit Charleston to explore notable city streets and old homes. These train vacations also stop in Savannah before finalizing in St Augustine where a tour and hotel stay are included.

Great historical train vacations in Canada are not new on the itinerary. With a massive country and plenty of space between towns and cities, train travel is popular. Traveling from Toronto to Vancouver, or vice versa, by train offers a look at many aspects of Canadian history. VIA Rail in Canada operates a train executing a transcontinental expedition that sweeps over the vast Canadian Shield, through the rugged Canadian Rockies, and over stretching prairies and agrarian backdrops. First Nations reserves, near-forgotten ghost towns, and isolated hamlets all play a part in these Canadian train vacations.

Both Norway and Sweden are home some of the top train vacations in the world, revealing stunning, wild, and isolated landscapes. One of Europe’s top great historical train vacations is the ride north of the Arctic Circle via public train. Head out from Stockholm, traveling more than 95 miles above the frozen Arctic Circle, climb more than 3,000 feet, and pass amazing fjords and breathtaking mountains in Norway’s southern region. Enjoy a slow descent on the summit’s opposite end where the famous fjords of Norway are visible. Or, head to the Alps in Switzerland where great historical train vacations are one of the best ways to discover peak places and striking, natural landscapes. Ride the celebrated Glacier Express and explore storied towns, snowy mountaintop chalets, and alpine avenues on route from St Moritz through to Zermatt.

A US train vacation, Canadian railway getaway, and European train travel are excellent, eco-friendly, and unique ways to see the world around us, be emancipated from navigation, and enjoy the freedom and beauty of riding some of the world’s best-known railroads. From historic US railroads to acclaimed train routes across the globe, train travel has a lot more going for it than simply being another way to get there. Try Amtrak, Via Rail and Eurail Passes for great vacation deals and valuable ticket discounts.

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