Longest Rivers in the World

The longest rivers in the world are flanked by amazing scenery, but not only do they offer incredible visuals, they also benefit visitors with all types of things to do on and around the water. There has been a long-standing dispute over which is really the longest of all rivers in the world. That stake is claimed by the Nile for the most part but it’s argued that the Amazon River officially holds the title of the longest rivers in the world. This is partially due to the process of measurement that is often disputed. Measurements rely on numerous factors, including identifying the river mouth, the river’s source, and translating the measurement scale between the river’s mouth and source.

Nile River in Africa

The Nile River is 4,135 miles long and located in both Northern and Eastern Africa. The name Nile is derived from Neilos, the Greek word for valley. When it floods Egyptian lands, it leaves a dark sediment in its wake, leading to the name Ar given by ancient Egyptians, which translates into black.

Amazon River in South America

At 3,980 miles long, the Amazon River is one of the most famous and longest rivers in the world. Coursing across South America, the Amazon is known for its utterly amazing bio-diversity. The mouth of the Amazon is in Brazil’s northeast region and of the dozens of tributaries flowing into it, almost 20 are more than 1,000 miles long.

Yangtze River in China

China’s Yangtze River flows 3,915 miles making it one of the longest rivers in the world and the longest in Asia. The major focus of tourism is around Three Gorges Dam, a famous part of the river that not only attracts tourists, but also provides massive quantities of electricity and conserves water.

Missouri River in the United States

The longest US rivers include the mighty Missouri, a famous river layered in history and one that stretches 2,540 miles through several states. The Missouri, along with the Mississippi River, are the two longest rivers in the US. The Missouri River is actually a tributary of its smaller counterpart, the Mississippi, which is only roughly two hundred miles shorter.

Yenisei River in Russia

The Yenisei River is Russia’s longest river at 3,442 miles. It is the largest river coursing to the Arctic Ocean. The headwaters originate in Mongolia and then follow a route north to the Gulf of Yenisei located in the Kara Sea.

Huang He River/Yellow River in China

The Huang He River is sixth in line of the longest rivers in the world. It is located in China where it originates in the Kunlun Mountains. 3,395 miles of fast-flowing river was vital to the oldest Chinese civilization. The river, also called Yellow River for the color of river silt, flows through Kaifeng, Lanzhou, and Jinan.

Ob-Irtysh River in Russia

Another source of Russian pride is the Ob-Irtysh, and at 3,354 miles, it is the third longest river in Asia. Its source is the Altai Mountains, across Siberia, and into the Ob Gulf. Ob-Irtysh is comprise by its main tributary called Irtysh and the main river, called Ob.

Congo River in Central Africa

Central Africa’s Congo River is one of the more famous of the longest rivers in the world. It runs more than 2,900 miles from its source in Zambia to its Atlantic Ocean outlet. The source of the Congo is the Altai Mountains and it begins at the confluence of the Livua and Luabalo rivers which then flow west and eventually empty into the Atlantic Ocean.

Amur River in Northeast Asia

Northeast Asia’s Amur River is a trans-boundary river creating a natural, 1,000-mile-long border between China and the Russian Far East. It spans 2,744 miles over Russia’s most easterly regions. It is a mix of the Shilka and Argun Rivers which course to the Tartar Strait which is at the Pacific.

Lena River in Russia

A fourth and impressive Russian river makes it on the list of longest rivers in th world. At 2,734, Lena River also flows over Russia’s Far East regions and eventually forms famous Russian Lake Baikal (the deepest lake in the world) before it empties into the Arctic Ocean.

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