Romantic Destinations

Whether you are heading out with wedding bells in mind or simply looking for a great trip with your significant other, romantic destinations abound. Poets and musicians have long sung the praises of cities like Paris and Rome, while others might prefer an exotic or untouched beach in Hawaii or the Caribbean. No matter what goal you have in mind, romantic travel destinations can be found on every continent.

When you are talking about love and romance, no place springs to mind as quickly as Paris. Millions have fallen in love beneath the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. The city itself is imbued with a certain ambience perfect for couples new and old, an energy for lovers that cannot be overstated, and it's frequently regarded as one of the world's top travel destinations. The south of France holds its own when it comes to romantic destinations: Arles, St. Tropez, Nice - these cities display the same charm, combining romantic atmosphere with access to the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean.

Another European city that screams romance is Rome. Upon the city of ruins, Rome is a city for lovers - whether you are parading down the Spanish Steps or lolling through the Villa Borghese, it's easy to fall in love with just about anyone. Rome itself is one of the world's most popular romantic wedding destinations, a perfect place to say "I do" to the one you'll be with forever. Plus, you don't even have to leave for the honeymoon. Florence and pretty much any city in Tuscany are also romantic travel destinations with few equals.

Few things say romance better than a secluded beach. The soft sand under foot, the gentle swaying of the ocean, the sun on your back - there are thousands of possible beaches that make for romantic travel destinations. Hawaii is perhaps the most romantic spot in the U.S., with the quiet beaches of Maui being the most likely location for a sumptuous honeymoon. If you wanted quieter still, try the island of Kauai on your next vacation - few will argue that it is near the top of the list when discussing romantic destinations.

The Caribbean is another excellent spot with so much variety, it might be hard to choose which island to have your romantic getaway upon. For those that want a luxurious resort that will cater to its every whim, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic fit the bill. St. Bart's is all luxury, all the time, and is definitely one of the world's top romantic wedding destinations. If you want a rich blend of the Caribbean and Europe, try Martinique or Guadaloupe - these former French colonies merge the rhythm of the islands with wondrous food and architecture. But, really, it's hard to go wrong with any of the Caribbean islands.

The beaches of Mexico - whether tourist driven cities like Acapulco or Cabo San Lucas - or smaller cities like Cozumel or Ixtapa, are other popular romantic wedding destinations. The soft blue ocean and quaint architecture of the Gold Coast is the perfect setting for both tying the knot or just getting away from it all.

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