Longest Ski Runs

The longest ski runs in the world offer skiers and snowboarders alike the opportunity to make a ton of turns before getting to the bottom. Since some of them are also black diamond ski runs, they can also provide plenty of challenges along the way. Take Corbet's Couloir at Jackson Hole, for example. This run, which is one of the most famous ski runs in the world, requires skiers and snowboarders to execute a free fall off a cornice before they even start skiing. The cornice can be anywhere from ten feet high to 30 feet tall depending on when you visit. In Telluride Colorado, those who like black diamond ski runs will find another gem. The Mak-M-Stairs Plunge combines three different runs and offers an almost endless amount of moguls and a very steep pitch.

These are just two of the black diamond ski runs that you aren't likely to forget after riding them, and there are plenty more at ski areas around the world. Vail claims one of the longest and best ski runs in the world. At Vail, the Riva Ridge trail is the most renowned. Hailed as the longest run in all of Colorado, this ski run is more than four miles long and offers a variety of terrain to help keep things interesting.

If you want to tackle the longest black diamond run in the Alps, Alpe d'Huez is the place to go. Alpe d'Huez's Sarenne run gets a lot of the attention. Definitely one of the longest runs in the world, Sarenne stretches for almost ten miles and can take more than an hour to complete. Sarenne is relatively easy to handle when compared to black diamond ski runs like Razor's Edge, which can be found at Pennsylvania's Blue Mountain Resort.

Another place to look for long and famous runs at the European ski resorts in the Alps is Chamonix. At France's Chamonix Ski Resort, skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts will find one of the longest and best ski runs in the world. According to some accounts, the Vallee Blanche run at Chamonix is longer than Alpe d'Huez's Sarenne run. Relatively easy to handle for intermediate level skiers, Valle Blanche is an off-piste ski route that offers a very natural appeal. If you need a break on the way down, you can stop at the Requin Hut to get some food and drinks.

As for a couple of other renowned longest ski runs, they include Jackson Hole's Rendezvous and the Juggernaut at Killington. Rendezvous starts at the top of Rendezvous Peak and is four and a half miles long, while Juggernaut is longest run on the east coast at just over six miles. Killington, it should be noted, also boasts one of the best double black diamond ski runs in east. This treacherous trail is known as Outer Limits.

When it comes to the best ski runs in the world, there are tons of opinions. It really depends on your level and what turns your skiing torque. Some people get the most kicks out of glades, or tree-filled runs, such as the ones that can be found at Vermont's Jay Peak Resort. Others prefer rolling groomers, such as those that Colorado's Bachelor Gulch Ski Area has to offer. Great views can also help to make a run unforgettable, no matter where you take your skiing holiday. Such is the case with the Sella Ronda circuit in Italy, which can be found in the picturesque Dolomites Region. A bunch of different runs combine to create the Sella Ronda run, and the views are nothing short of spectacular.

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Longest Ski Runs

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