Snowboarding Lessons

Snowboarding lessons can be arranged at ski resorts across the planet, and since they are reasonably priced on average, you might keep them in mind when starting out. Getting snowboarding tips from a qualified instructor right off the bat can save you some time, not to mention some stress. Your instructor will be there to make sure that you master the basics, after which you might be surprised at how fast you learn. After the second or third day, most beginning snowboarders become quite comfortable on their boards and start trying snowboarding tricks. A relatively easy learning curve is a big reason why the sport has become so popular in recent years.

Whether you are visiting one of the smaller ski resorts in Midwest states such as Wisconsin or Michigan or one of the larger resorts in states such as Vermont and Colorado, it is likely that you will be able to arrange some snowboarding lessons. Many of the lesson packages that the various ski resorts offer include snowboard equipment rentals, so you don't need to show up with your own gear. All you need is a willingness to learn and a little bit of patience.

One of the best snowboarding tips for beginners relates to equipment. Should you prefer buying your own equipment, a shorter and softer board will be advantageous when learning how to snowboard. The shorter and softer the board, the easier it is to handle. Generally speaking, a snowboard should come up to your chin level in terms of length once you've mastered the sport, while case someone starting out might buy a board that is an inch or two shorter than their chin level. When it comes to snowboarding tips that revolve around gear, waterproof jackets and pants are recommended, as you will fall numerous times when learning. You certainly don't want to get soaked from the snow while trying to ride, as that will quickly put a damper on things.

One of the first things that you will do when taking snowboarding lessons is learn how to glide. Gliding involves strapping your front foot in, putting your free foot behind your front foot on the board, and gliding down a gentle incline. You can lean forward to pick up speed and lean backward to slow down or stop. Gliding is a technique that is needed if you want to ride the lifts, and it's also useful for getting around in general. As you get more comfortable on your board, you can push yourself along with your free foot, much as you would on a skateboard. This kind of maneuver, which is referred to as skating, is often combined with gliding when it comes to moving through flatter areas or getting on and off of the chairlift. Before you start getting on the lifts, especially at the larger and busier ski resorts such as Vail or Aspen, you will definitely want to learn how to glide and skate. Perhaps you can practice at home before you take your trip.

When learning how to snowboard, understanding how the edges of your board work is key. The edges help you control your speed, and they also have everything to do with turning. One of the first exercises that you will do when taking snowboarding lessons is sideslipping. This involves strapping both feet in and sliding along a slope's fall line on your back edge. The front of your body faces downhill and you keep most of your weight on the back edge. You can also turn your back to the fall line and sideslip on your front edge. Once you've learned how to sideslip, you typically move on to traversing, which involves descending downhill on a slight diagonal across the slope. You go side to side in a gradual manner, eventually getting to the bottom of the hill. As for snowboarding tips, you can transfer your weight to your back foot while traversing to control your speed, as is true when gliding. Once you get gliding and traversing down, you can start trying to link turns on the longer ski runs. It's all downhill from there!

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