Snowboarding Tricks

Snowboarding tricks are a lot like skateboarding and surfing tricks in that they involve a single board and have some rather strange names. Take the air to fakie, for example, which sees the rider making a 180-degree turn in the air and landing switch. The switchstance, for those who might not know, is when a rider is essentially riding backwards. For example, if the rider is a goofy-footer, which means that they ride with their left foot back and their right foot out front, then the switchstance would see him or her turning the other way and having their left foot out front. Once you get the switchstance style of riding down, it shouldn't take you long to move from the more basic snowboarding tricks to some of the harder ones. Should you need help when it comes to snowboarding tricks, it is worth noting that many resorts offer snowboarding lessons that can have you getting in touch with your inner Shaun White.

Basic snowboarding tricks aren't very hard to master, which is part of the reason why this sport has been growing so quickly in recent years. In virtually no time at all, a rider can pull method airs and a number of different grabs or tweaks. A method air sees the rider bending their knees in the air after jumping, which results in the board being behind them for a period. As for grabs and tweaks, a grab is when the rider grabs their board while in the air, while a tweak sees the rider using extra emphasis when pulling a trick. Often times, when a rider pulls a method air, they also pull a grab and tweak the trick out to make it look more spectacular.

Whether you're visiting a ski resort in Colorado, Canada, or anywhere else for that matter, chances are good that it will have a terrain park. These parks are prime snowboarding areas, especially for those who want to execute some snowboard tricks. If you aren't quite ready for snowboard jumps and other tricks in the terrain park, you can stick to the basic surface tricks. One of the basic snowboarding tricks that involves staying on the ground is a wheelie. This trick involves riding on the board's tail or nose and lifting the other side in the air. Wheelies are wonderful for getting your balance down. Once you get wheelies down, you can move on to nose and tail rolls, which involve going up on the nose or tail of the board and rotating around 180 degrees, thus changing your normal stance.

When it comes to the snowboarding tricks that can be executed in your average terrain park, the list is almost endless. You can surely get your fill of snowboard jumps in most terrain parks, and chances are good that you will also be able to slide across some rails and boxes. When you slide on a rail, box, or anything else for that matter, it is called a grind. Once you get basic grinds down, you can start pulling 180 grinds and other more technical maneuvers that see you switching your stance and spinning around.

In addition to terrain parks that are full of jumps, rails, and boxes, many ski resorts also feature half pipes. The best snowboarding trick is arguably the 900, which sees the rider rotating 900 degrees in the air after lifting off a half pipe wall. Pulling a 900 isn't exactly something that most riders can or will ever do, though it shouldn't take too long to get a 180 or 360 down. 180s and 360s are among the most popular snowboard jumps and can be executed with relative ease off of any jump or half pipe wall. That being said, spinning in the air is a tad dangerous, in which case you will want to remember to include a helmet on your snowboarding gear checklist.

Snowboard jumps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and if you aren't ready for the big ones, many ski resorts feature terrain park areas that are designed for beginners. Such is the case at the Powderhorn Ski Resort in Colorado, for example. At this resort, one of the three terrain parks has small jumps and rails that are of the simpler variety. As you improve your skills, you might start trying flips and McTwists. Of course, these kinds of snowboarding tricks aren't the easiest or safest. A flip is exactly what it sounds like, and if you're not already familiar with McTwists, they involve pulling a 540-degree rotational flip in the air. Definitely the kind of stuff you can expect to see during the Olympics or the X-Games.

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