Spring Break Destinations

Spring break destinations are on the minds of most college students starting around January. With snow, ice, and sleet predominating in many parts of the country, wishful thoughts of steamy Cancun or the alluring Puerto Vallarta can distract from winter quarter term papers and early morning lectures. When you take a look at the list of top destinations for spring break 2022, you cannot help but be sympathetic. Who wouldn’t want to spend a week of crazy fun on the beach in Jamaica or South Padre?

While this is traditionally a time for spring break trips to the beach, many other students have taken to alternative spring break ideas and choose instead to spend their break volunteering. Many of these volunteer trips in conjunction with non-profits such as the United Way and Habitat for Humanity also take place in cool destinations like Central America. No matter where you choose to spend your vacation, be sure to do plenty of research into all of your options to be sure you plan the best 2022 spring break trip for you.

Each and every year Jamaica and the Bahamas seem to make the list of top destinations for spring break. The popularity of both of these countries in the Caribbean over the years has meant increased accessibility and ease of transportation to and from both destinations. Package deals that include airfare and accommodations as well as cruise packages can be booked for very competitive rates, especially if done a couple months in advance of spring break. The white sandy shores of Nassau in the Bahamas are like a page out of a tourism guide to paradise and the tropical beaches of Negril and Montego Bay in Jamaica see the party last well into the early morning hours. These are two spring break destinations that should top your list of options.

No discussion of the top destinations for spring break would be complete without mentioning two of the gems of Mexico—Cancun and Acapulco. Cancun is located along the Riviera Maya where the warm currents of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea flow into one another while Acapulco lies across the mainland on the shore of the North Pacific Ocean. The club scene is second to none in both of these spring break hot spots. Most of the hotels have swimming pools and provide access to a strip of beach. There are also large public beaches where much of the action happens. Look out for crazy parties with DJs spinning right on the beach, live bands, and it is safe to say, a drink or two to be found. There are tons of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to be found along the main streets in both cities.

As you get closer to making a decision about which of the spring break destinations is going to work for you, you may want to consider South Beach Miami. The club scene in this southern part of Florida is one of the hottest to be found anywhere. South Beach is known for luxurious nightclubs and a generally raging club scene. Any spring break trip spent entirely in South Beach is going to be a bit pricey. If you are traveling with friends you’ll be splitting the cost of hotel anyway and you can always check out Miami Beach for some cheaper partying just a few steps down the beach. If your spring break ideas include partying with the best of them at the most exclusive clubs in the south, then South Beach may be the best place for you.

If you are more interested in spending your week on the volunteer trail, ambassadors from the above mentioned charities as well as a whole host of other non-profits offer amazing spring break ideas for projects including providing relief to people in need of home rebuilding along the Gulf Coast and water charity projects in Central America.

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