Spring Break in Cabo

Spring break in Cabo is full of white-sand beaches, incredible vistas of the mountains and palms, and thousands of other students ready to party on their spring break trips to Cabo. Whereas places like Cancun and Acapulco are completely off the charts when it comes to massive beach parties and clubs, other destinations including Cabo and Cozumel in Mexico provide an equally fun but somewhat mellower environment. Not to fear as any Los Cabos spring break trip is sure to offer you plenty of beach parties, club bashes, and fun. Not everyone prefers to spend break in utter chaos. 2022 spring break in Cabo may be an ideal alternative for those students who like to cut loose and have a blast, but prefer to do so in more manageable surroundings.

Spring Break in Cabo
Spring Break in Cabo  Image: Student City

Cabo San Lucas (or Los Cabos as it is often called) is located on the southern tip of the Mexican Baja California Peninsula. It has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination in the last decade and much of the city has been developed commercially. There are tons of hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars, and clubs to keep any spring breaker happy for weeks on end. The white sandy beaches of this normally sleepy Mexican town come to life for spring break in Cabo. Some students stay right on the beach where their hotel is located while many others venture around the town to popular clubs and attractions such ad the famous Cabo Wabo.

Cabo Wabo is the most famous club in town and a favorite destination for many students going on a Los Cabos spring break. The former lead singer of Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, founded the club and the famous house band, the Waboritas, rock the club every single night with memorable 80s anthems and favorite period hits. Grab a tray of Cabo Wabo tequila shots and sit back to relax a night of entertainment before piling back into the van or bus and heading back to the hotel. If you are planning 2022 spring break trips to Cabo, be sure to schedule a night at Cabo Wabo into your event schedule. You will not be disappointed.

Even though there a host of awesome clubs, tons of bars, and seemingly endless places to eat and be entertained, the best part of any Los Cabos spring break is being on the beach. And these are not just any old beaches. The white sand and temperate waters are enhanced by the sheer beauty of the island topography. While sitting on the beach you can glimpse high-reaching mountains peppered with palm trees in the distance. Sunsets in Cabo are especially breathtaking because of the length and sight lines of the beaches. Although much of your time may very well be spent tipping a few back with friends and enjoying your time away from writing term papers and attending early morning lectures, try to reserve at least a couple of minutes to stop and take in one of these sunsets. Then it’s back to the beach, club, hotel, or wherever the party happens to be going down at the time. Plan your spring break trips to Cabo plenty in advance to have the best chance at getting good deals on flights and accommodations.

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