College Spring Break

College spring break trips are something that many university students treat themselves to at least once during their higher education days. The allure of such trips is easy to understand. For starters, they come with a certain amount of freedom. More often than not, no parents are there to oversee things. There’s also the abundant party opportunities and the chance to mingle with a significant number of people from the opposite sex. For students who are attending a more northerly resort, the opportunity to escape to a warmer and sunnier climate is just one more possible perk. Of course, you don’t have to head south if you are a college student looking to escape for spring break. A skiing or snowboarding trip to the mountains can also be tempting.

Top College Spring Break Destinations

Top College Spring Break Destinations
Top College Spring Break Destinations  Image: Student City Facebook Page

The top college spring break destinations are arguably those that are warm and sunny. Florida is one such example, with the coastal enclaves of Panama City and Daytona Beach figuring among the Sunshine State’s most popular spring break spots. Beaches abound in Panama City and Daytona Beach, as do hotels and spring break parties. Other top college spring destinations include Mexico and the Caribbean. In relation to Mexico, many college students target Cancun when looking to escape for spring break. In the Caribbean, the Bahamas is among the top choices. Once again, beaches, hotels, and spring break parties are numerous in these destinations. College students who venture off to such places as Cancun and the Bahamas can also revel in the fact that they are leaving their home country, often for the very first time. There’s a certain amount of excitement that comes with going abroad.

College Spring Break Ideas

Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean have long reigned supreme when it comes to college spring break escapes. This has something to do with the spring break travel packages that revolve around these destinations. They certainly aren’t the only places that can serve as excellent spring break retreats, however. Las Vegas has been staking its claim for spring break bliss in recent years, due in part to sponsored parties that cater to college students. Staying within the United States, Texas’ South Padre Island has been welcoming college spring breakers for years. For those who are looking for a more novel idea, a trip to a major ski resort is worth considering. Among the best ski resorts to escape to for some springtime skiing or snowboarding are the Colorado ski resorts and the Vermont ski resorts. Examples within Colorado include Vail and Crested Butte. Vermont examples include Killington and Mount Snow. When college students aren’t making turns on the slopes during their spring break trips, they can revel in the available bars and apres-ski parties. For out of country spring break skiing and snowboarding trips, Quebec can be a good place to consider. The French Alps and all of its wonderful slopes are also worth considering.

College Spring Break Safety

While college spring break trips come with the promise of good times, things can quickly go wrong when students throw all caution to the wind. More than anything, drinking too much or taking drugs can result in trouble, especially if such activity results in a complete lack of inhibition or even unconsciousness. For young women especially, staying in a group is a good idea. Staying in a group is good advice for young men as well. Simple errands like visiting an ATM can invite muggings and robberies. They might not lurk around every corner, but they do exist. Common sense decisions around drinking are important. Have a designated driver, and at least one person should stay awake to keep him or her company late at night. Do not swim after drinking a lot. Do not go with strangers to their homes or other places after dark. For college spring break students who wish to go abroad, it is a good idea to see if there are any U.S. State Department alerts that relate to your destination of choice. It is also recommended that you carry not only a passport, but also such things as health insurance cards and parent contact information. Make sure your parents have your itinerary. For parents, it is recommended that you allow your son or daughter to call you at any time during their spring break trip, even if it’s in the middle of the night. It is also a good idea to have the number for the hotel or vacation rental that your child is staying at.

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