Spring Break Cruises

Spring break cruises are a great way to spend your vacation and many times offer the best deals for all inclusive packages and cheap spring break travel. There are a few different things to take into account as you consider your options. You will simply need to decide how much time you want to spend aboard a ship when you pick your cruise for spring break. These spring break cruises are like floating luxury resorts and are equipped with multiple pools, restaurants, clubs, and bars, so the party does not end when you’re not on shore. Norwegian, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean are just a few of the cruise providers that offer cruises for students during spring break 2022.

Some cruises are just one-day trips to a beach destination where you party for five days and then take a one-day trip back. Other cruises are the more traditional kind that sail for a week or so and drop you off at various cruise ports every day or two. A Caribbean spring break cruise may sail to Tortola, Nassau, and Puerto Rico all on the same trip while another sets sail from Ft. Lauderdale and drops students off at Freeport Grand Bahamas Island for a five-day spring break trip, though wherever you choose to go, the spring break photos from the cruise are sure to be eye-catching.

A spring break cruise to the Bahamas is one of the most popular choices among party-seeking students in the U.S. There are few really good reasons for this. First, it is relatively inexpensive to book a flight to one of the cities from which the various cruises depart to the Bahamas. If you book a flight to Fort Lauderdale or Miami a couple of months in advance, for instance, you should be able to find a good rate. Then, especially if you are traveling in a group, you can take advantage of the all inclusive cruise package from Florida to the Bahamas and come away from the whole deal with some budget left in your pocket for the casino and clubs on board the ship.

It is possible to find a 2022 spring break cruise to the Bahamas that includes accommodations once you arrive, food and drinks while at the all inclusive hotel, and food, drinks, and entertainment while you are on the cruise for less than or just around $1,000. Savvy student travelers will get their friends on board with the plans and potentially save hundreds on group discounts and spring break package deals. It is also a bit of extra fun to kick off and finish your spring break aboard a party ship as compared to the check-in line at the airport. At least if you’re on a Caribbean spring break cruise or one of the other tempting cruises setting sail this March, you can put off the agony of the airport for that one last ride on the water.

It is hard to imagine more beautiful beaches than those in the Caribbean Sea. From Jamaica to Costa Rica to the Yucatan Peninsula, the crystal blue water and white sands of these pristine shores have beckoned to tourists from around the world for quite a while. A pampered Caribbean spring break cruise would be an incredible way to spend spring break, stopping off at many of these beautiful island destinations. A spring break cruise to the Bahamas that allows for utter relaxation and partying with friends may also fit the bill. Book it together and watch the savings add up. Spring break cruises are always best enjoyed with a group of friends beside you and a cold drink in hand.

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