Spring Break Hawaii

Spring break Hawaii is difficult not to like. With some of the best beaches in the world, endless blue skies, and great parties, the islands of Hawaii provide a fantastic setting for spring break adventures. Most of the revelers spend time on the Big Island, Maui, or Oahu. All three offer a wide range of places to stay, things to do, and beaches to enjoy. When you pick a 2022 Hawaii spring break package, you can add meals, drinks, and VIP access into the mix. Check into the booking tool on this page to compare flights and hotels packages across several travel sites and find great deals.

Hawaii Spring Break
Hawaii Spring Break  Image: Student City

The great weather, which is nice and warm during the spring break season, is one of the draws that brings students to the islands for spring break Hawaii. You can expect to find warm days—warm enough for swimming and surfing—and balmy evenings warm enough to party away the night.

Many spring breakers, if not most, spend some part of the day at the beach. Hawaii's beaches, especially those on Maui, are packed full of fun things to do. You'll find many places where you can try parasailing or rent a jet ski. The diving and snorkeling opportunities are as plentiful as they are exciting. The first few months of the year, the whale watching is especially great. Whale-watching excursions are readily available in the spring, as are plenty of booze cruises, too.

After the sun sets, the fun doesn't need to end. One of the hottest places to enjoy Hawaii's nightlife is along the strip in Waikiki. Like its flashier Las Vegas counterpart, the beach town's entertainment district is packed with clubs and bars. The party scene is also going strong in Honolulu.

While good weather and fun things to do are two of the best reasons to book a Hawaii spring break package, the savings are another draw. Cheap spring break trips are a favorite choice for students who want spend more time having fun than spending money. With plenty of condos available for rent for spring break 2022 in Hawaii, along with hotels and resorts, great deals are easy to find at this time. The condo rentals are especially nice for those traveling in big groups. With multiple bedrooms and more space to stretch out, you can fit in more people in each rental. This often means less money out of your pocket and more money to spend experiencing all that Hawaii has to offer.

While Hawaii isn't a traditional entry on the top 10 spring break trips, it offers many of the same pluses—beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. But in addition to those, Hawaii has a strong tourism infrastructure, which means there's no need for the local places to hike up the prices just because it's spring break. Many of the same tour companies who offer trips throughout the year can use their expertise to put together Hawaii spring break package plans.

A visit to Hawaii also is filled with things you just won't found on the beaches of Florida or anywhere else. The birds of paradise flowers that softly scent the air are just one of the uniquely Hawaiian experiences to add to a spring break adventure. In April, the Merrie Monarch Festival celebrates all things hula, but you don't have to visit during the festival to learn how to hula—after all, dancing is an essential part of spring break.

Image: Student City
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