Spring Break in Mexico

Spring break in Mexico is a popular choice, helped along by the warm weather and the diverse array of things to do. With resort towns on two coasts and some truly remarkable beaches, the country is home to several great locations for a springtime getaway. Whether you choose a spring break adventure along the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, or the Pacific Ocean, you can expect sunny days and warm nights.

Mexico spring break packages 2023 are available for communities up and down both coasts. Some have their specific favorites, while some students choose the destination that sounds the coolest to them. Whatever your style, you'll be sure to find a destination that suits your fancy. Several Mexican towns always appear in the list of the top 10 Spring Break trips, while others are more up-and-coming. Either way, there's plenty of parties happening for spring break Mexico in February, March, and April.

When talking about parties, Cancun is always a top destination, and the gorgeous photos of spring break in Cancun show why it's so popular year after year. This frequent headquarters for MTV's spring break coverage is one of the biggest parties around once February and March roll around. This Caribbean destination has fantastic beaches and Mayan culture, along with some amazing resorts that offer 2023 Mexico spring break packages. Several of these resorts are home to bars and clubs that keep the party going long after dark. Some are large enough to host 6,000 spring breakers at one time.

Acapulco is another favorite setting for Mexico spring break packages. MTV's headquarters for spring break 2010, this seaside resort really comes to life during spring break. This city along the Pacific Coast is known for two things: its nightlife and cliff-diving opportunities. By day, visitors can enjoy the fabulous beaches and some can experience the thrill of plunging 130 feet into the open ocean below. Like Las Vegas, Acapulco is another city that never sleeps, with pool parties, gaming, grand resorts, and 24 hours of fun a day.

Cabo San Lucas shares a location along the Pacific Coast. It too is a favorite destination for spring break in Mexico, but it's a bit quieter than Acapulco. Many of the chic resorts are located along the shores of the Pacific. With weather similar to Palm Springs (warm and dry), you'll have plenty of time during the day to enjoy parsailing and other watersports. The open-air shops and restaurants are great choices both before and after the sun sets. Even though Cabo is a quieter destination, that doesn't mean you won't find parties to enjoy in many of the local clubs, on the beaches, and other hotspots.

Two of Mexico's coastal cities have gained attention in the last few years as spring break hotspots. Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan are hosting more and more college students, especially those looking to have some fun in the sun a little off the beaten path.

Puerto Vallarta enjoys balmy tropical weather during the spring break season. Its beaches set the stage for nearly all possible beachfront activities under the sun—as calm as sunbathing or as thrilling as jet-skiing. The clubs and resorts also lie on both ends of the spectrum, everything from chilled-out beach bars to clubs that pulse with energy long after the sun has set. One more thing, Puerto Vallarta is famous for its sunsets.

Mazatlan is another up-and-comer with a lot lot offer. The closest resort town to the US border, Mazatlan has its share of great beaches, which stretch for more than sixteen uninterpreted miles along the Pacific Ocean. The city also known for its value; oftentimes spring break packages cost less in Mazatlan than they do at some of the more established destinations.

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