Spring Break NYC

Spring break NYC proves that you don't need warm weather to draw a crowd during the springtime getaway season. The world-class city has its share of beaches, but those are more of a summer thing. New York does have something that Acapulco and Florida don't have—Broadway. Add to that amazing nightlife, the energy of Times Square, and some of the best shopping anywhere, and you have a fantastic setting for a spring break getaway.

Spring Break NYC
Spring Break NYC  Image: Student City

New York City 2023 spring break offers a much broader scene than parties, but if you came here to party, you can find some of the hottest nightlife in the world in this energetic city. Cover charges are common in night clubs here so be prepared. Whether you seek nightclubs with wild pumping parties or a jazz club as a laid-back place to chill out, you can find options all over the city. However, sure fire places to look include Times Square and the borough of Manhattan.

Many of of the top 10 spring break destinations are draws for college students, but New York has a wider appeal. College students will certainly enjoy spring break NYC, as will younger students and families. No matter the age of visitors, everyone will like saving money with New York City spring break deals. With such a high concentration of available hotel rooms and the perception that everyone heads south on spring break, it can be possible to find great deals. Search using the booking tool on this page to get started hunting for these deals.

If you'd like to squeeze even more out of your nickel, you could book one of the packages that includes more than just overnight accommodations. Many times, you can save real dollars by booking everything together; even cheap spring break trips have a lot going for them.

Many of the museums and attractions offer special 2023 New York City spring break deals between February and April. Tickets for Broadway shows often have discount tickets available, especially for students and others buying them on the day of the show. Many of the museums have special rates during the spring break time, with even further discounts for young visitors and families.

During spring break, the American Museum of Natural History is a fascinating place to visit. If you've wondered how large a blue whale really is or what New York looked like before the skyscrapers were built, you'll find it at the exhibits at this giant museums. Its Hayden Planetarium hosts some of the city's best shows outside of the Great White Way. Other popular museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, are interesting to visit during the day of spring break NYC. Whatever your interest, you'll find a museum that's worth exploring in one of the greatest cities in the world.

If you want to get up early, you'll have the chance to join the audiences of the morning shows. The Today Show, Good Morning America, and the Early Show all welcome visitors—outside of course. If you're lucky enough, maybe the weatherman will ask you where you're from. It costs nothing to add these to your vacation packages, but you do need to get going early. The Today Show's home base, Rockefeller Center, is a favorite place for New York visitors. You could take a tour of NBC's studios, soak in the views from the Top of the Rock attraction, and shop at some of the trendiest stores in Manhattan.

With so many New York City spring break deals available, an unmatched collection of things to do, and plenty of chic style, a spring break trip away from the beach may be perfect for you. Flights are readily available, too, so it might cost less that you think to party in the Big Apple. Those looking to add some parties to their agenda, will certainly find plenty of places to have. The Manhattan nightlife scene is legendary for a reason. Nobody knows how to party like the Big Apple.

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NYC Spring Break

New York City

Spring break NYC proves that you don't need warm weather to draw a crowd duri...

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