Spring Break Parties

Spring break parties are definitely some of the craziest and biggest of the year. All around the county from Cabo to South Padre, Cancun to Miami, and Daytona to Jamaica (to name just a few) the parties rage on around the clock. There is a spring break beach party to be found just about anywhere in the middle to late part of March, but only a select few destinations can claim to be among the best 2022 spring break party spots in the country.

Spring Break Party
Spring Break Party  Image: Student City

Cancun and Cozumel are both gorgeous beach destinations, but a Cancun spring break party is simply of a different stripe altogether. Many of the most traditionally popular spring break party spots have become even more notorious for wild and crazy partying since many of the festivities are now nationally televised and reported on by the likes of MTV—these are the pictures of Spring Break most travelers are familiar with.

Perhaps the biggest Cancun spring break party is the one hosted by MTV at the Oasis Cancun resort. This is one of the biggest all inclusive resorts in Cancun and it is literally jam packed with college students for two straight weeks during spring break. Because of the fact that Cancun has been a spring break hotspot for quite some time, there are tons of free spring break parties to attend on the beach as well as relatively inexpensive rates on hotels. If you find yourself at a spring break beach party in the steamy Caribbean setting of Cancun it will be in the midst of thousands of other eager party-goers ready to have the time of their lives as well.

Coca Cola Beach in South Padre Island hosts perhaps the largest spring break beach party in the entire country every March. For about two weeks, anywhere from 15 to 20 thousand students flock to the beach for live bands and DJs, dance contests, bikini contests, and other such events. The party takes place right outside the Isla Grand Beach Resort in South Padre. For those wanting to take part in this most wild of all the spring break parties, a room right at the Isla Grand is optimal. This way the party is outside of your door at anytime and you will waste little to no transporting from one place to another while on your spring break in south Texas. Of course South Padre must lay claim to the biggest spring break parties in the country. It is after all in Texas where everything is just a little bit bigger and brighter.

Although a Cancun spring break party and the one held in South Padre at Coca Cola beach top the list for the most wild and crazy, many more awesome parties take place all around the globe. Many students head west to places like Lake Havasu and Steamboat Springs for ski resort spring breaks. Still more go to traditional favorites like Jamaica, Costa Rica, and other places in Mexico like Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta. Do your planning in advance and with your friends in order to get the best rates and group discounts on your hotel and travel arrangements for spring break 2022.

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