South Padre Island Spring Break

South Padre Island
South Padre Island  Image: Student City

South Padre Island spring break may not be what you traditionally think of when you think spring break, but you may be surprised at the cool parties and activities that take place here. South Padre is a coastal town located along the Gulf of Mexico near Corpus Christi and just a couple of hours from Houston and Galveston. Spring break in South Padre Island Texas has not been a secret to students in the south for some time. The rest of the country has begun to catch on and now we are seeing Texas spring break trips creep up the list.

Spring Break Girls
Spring Break Girls

If you are planning a 2022 South Padre Island spring break, you are in for one of the biggest—if not the biggest beach party—in the entire country. Coca Cola Beach plays host and welcomes between 15 and 20 thousand students who flock to the beach in front of the Isla Beach Grand Resort each and every day. Rock out to the sounds of internationally renowned DJs and major label recording artists everyday in the comfort of your bathing suit. Enjoy the warm Gulf waters while you sip on an icy cocktail with your friends and while the hours away.

South Padre Spring Break
South Padre Spring Break

People set off beach volleyball tournaments and take part in tons of available water activities while on their spring break in South Padre Island Texas, while others just lie out and take part in perhaps the most popular of all spring break pastimes—people watching. If you want to be involved in the festivities and have the option of booking a room at the Isla Grand, you will be in prime position to essentially fall out of bed and join in. Check out the pictures of this sprawling beach covered with thousand of students to get a good idea of just why this is the biggest of all the parties on spring break in South Padre Island Texas. If you’re looking for Texas spring break trips, there is one destination and one destination alone that stands above the rest. South Padre is likely to continue to gain in popularity in the next few years because of the town’s ability to accommodate students and the sheer size of these beautiful beaches.

The club scene in South Padre is also vibrant during spring break. Although the best parties undeniably go down during the day on the beach and on boats, the party scene at night shifts to the area nightclubs and bars. Just as with many of the other popular spring break destinations, you should be able to find package deals on accommodations as well as offerings and deals that get you access to the best nightclubs and parties all for one price. Booking in advance means that you are guaranteed to be able to find a place to stay and get it at a competitive rate. If you wait too long there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a room and prices are sure to go up. Plan your 2022 South Padre Island spring break with friends and do so plenty in advance and you will be just fine. Now you know that Texas spring break trips are up for consideration along with the old standbys like Mexico, Florida, and the Caribbean.

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