Spring Break 2023

Spring Break 2023 is coming up fast and there’s no lack of exciting and affordable destinations to celebrate in. Dates vary widely between different North American destinations, ranging anywhere from February 28 in Michigan to March 28 in states like Hawaii, yet most schools around the continent get off for Spring Break sometime in March. This is a time known for partying hard through days and nights, music, hook-ups, and plenty of hangovers, there’s no doubt about that.

Spring Break is celebrated in all kinds of ways and in all kinds of places, from beach vacations to action-packed cities to ski trips in top ski resorts around the world. No matter how you plan to celebrate, the essential part of it all is to plan thoroughly and well in advance so you’re not stuck missing out. There are some tried and true Spring Break destinations welcoming people from all over the world every year without fail. One of those destinations is Cancun, which becomes congested with partiers for the entire duration. Stunning Mexico beaches, tons of hot nightclubs, great resorts, and fantastic weather offer all the ingredients necessary to enjoy a week away from home.

MTV Spring Break 2023 will be a sure-fire hit this year with tons of scheduled events happening in Las Vegas, the official headquarters and one of the most exciting party destinations in the world. Previous MTV Spring Break destinations are still considered popular, including Panama City Beach and Acapulco.

If you are okay without a beach nearby, some of the best Spring Break 2023 destinations are in Europe, where cities like Paris, London, and Amsterdam will be ripe with parties for two whole months. There are tons of great hostels in each city that offer cheap, clean rooms and easy access to special events, often right in the larger hostels. With decent exchange rates, the dollar will stretch farther this year than in many past, so now’s your chance to check out a European city you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Spain’s popular city of Madrid is another place where the action won’t stop during Spring Break 2023, followed by Florence, Rome, and even Berlin. Though the weather won’t compare to sunny destinations, there will be plenty of planned parties indoors where you can get your groove on and meet people from all around the world.

Since Spring Break happens while winter rages on, ski trips are always a fun way to spend your time off—just don't count on any bikini contests in the snow. There are tons of affordable package deals at ski resorts across the continent and in Europe. In Canada, Whistler/Blackcomb will welcome thousands of people hitting the hills during the day and the apres ski bars and clubs at night. One major bonus for Americans is the drinking age is a lower 19 rather than the older age requirements within the states, which is a big selling point. For major ski resorts in Colorado, think Winter Park and Crested Butte, to the constant party sure to happen in Aspen, skiing is a great way to spend Spring Break 2023.

Some of the best Spring Break 2023 destinations include Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Florida’s famous South Beach and Miami Beach, Lake Havasu (which has plenty of great options for spring break pictures) and Caribbean destinations offering well-priced all inclusive vacations where the tab won’t rack up and the booze never runs dry. Whether you’re skiing, sunning, or even volunteering this Spring Break, the completion of exams paired with the excitement of all-night parties will be more than enough to kick off the new year and blow off some steam.

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