Spring Break Packages

Spring break packages are probably the most popular way for students to take advantage of discounts on everything from airfare to accommodations on their spring break trips. An all inclusive spring break takes the hassle and worry out of a week on the beach for many students as they can rest (and party) comfortable in the knowledge that all of their meals, drinks, and accommodations are covered under the price of the 2022 spring break vacation package.

Spring Break Vacation Packages
Spring Break Vacation Packages  Image: Student City

Planned far enough in advance, it is well within the realm of possibility to find a cheap plane ticket but the real cost of the trip comes from having to spend money every time you want a drink, a meal, or to get into a club or private party. The best way to go is to try to book one of the all inclusive spring break deals that include everything just mentioned. Many of them even include admittance to participating clubs and certain beach celebrations as well as other bonuses such as boat excursions and discounts on water sports and other such activities.

Some students choose an all inclusive spring break that includes the price of airfare to their spring break destination of choice, while others opt for a spring break at sea. There are a lot of good spring break deals for cruises as well as for planes, and plenty of the iconic spring break photos and images of spring break do take place on the ships. Traditionally, most spring break packages are thought of as airfare and hotel, but it is just as easy to book your transportation on a party cruise and enjoy a completely different brand of spring break experience. One such cruise carries students from Fort Lauderdale on a five-hour party cruise to the Bahamas where they are deposited for five days of festivities before heading back on the same party cruise liner. Some students prefer this option to traveling by air because it can be more exciting than flying (there are usually no casinos on planes), and who wouldn’t want to arrive at the Bahamas aboard a party cruise with hundreds of other students, swimming pools, live music, and an open bar? Spring break deals are to be found for cruises and air travel and you definitely have the option of going all inclusive on both.

The most important thing to be aware of is that it is going to be increasingly difficult to find affordable 2022 spring break packages the longer you put off making your reservations. An all inclusive spring break package will definitely lighten the financial load of your trip but only if you make your plans before everything fills up and rates go through the roof. Many of the travel agencies and online services that offer student discounts offer amazing spring break deals around this time of year. And the packages offered are not limited to the traditional spring break destinations like Daytona, Miami, and Acapulco, but also to places such as London, Barcelona, and Paris. The great thing about spring break is being able to decide exactly what you want to do.

If you are moved to volunteer, there is a host of options for alternative spring break trips offered by Habitat for Humanity, the United Way, and many other non-profits. If you want to go international, you also have that option. No matter where you choose to spend your spring break, be safe, plan ahead, and have fun.

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