Top 10 Spring Break Destinations

The top 10 spring break destinations are on the minds of many college students each year when the winter begins to thaw. This week in the middle of the spring semester is the perfect reason for college students to let loose and party on beaches from the Caribbean to Mexico. Often, the best spring break spots are the ones that offer all-inclusive deals, luring cash-poor students to resorts that offer value. Over the years, certain places have earned a reputation as a hot-spot for spring break, including Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, Playa del Carmen, the Dominican Republic, and more. If you’re a couple looking to relax or a family seeking a kid-friendly place to visit, it is wise to avoid these spring destinations during the couple weeks when college students invade.

The list of top 10 spring break destinations doesn’t change much year after year. While some new options, such as affordable cruise packages, have changed the spring break landscape slightly, the same rules still apply. Many web sites and travel agents offer packages that include airfare, accommodation, food, and some entertainment to groups of college students who are eager for a little sun and fun at some of the world's best beach destinations. Across the Caribbean Islands and the coasts of Mexico, each spring there is an influx of students who want to enjoy water sports during the day, and stay up all night partying and dancing.

Some island destinations are better than others for these types of antics. The best spring break spots are the ones that are slightly more built up, resulting in more resorts, more restaurants, and more nightlife. Cancun is the quintessential spring break spot, with legendary nightclubs and parties that continue on until dawn. Mexico has a certain attractive quality because partying here is still somewhat affordable. Some clubs won’t charge a cover fee and drinks are reasonably priced compared to some places in the US. The presence of MTV and other media has also increased exposure to Cancun, resulting in more entertainment, games, and partying all day long.

Students who have a little more money to spend will find that more options on the top 10 spring break destinations list are open to them. Miami and Fort Lauderdale are popular domestic choices, with South Beach topping the list. Students should be aware of the fact that South Beach can be one of the most expensive and exclusive places in the country, so you should be prepared to part with your cash for entry fee into clubs and outrageously priced drinks. Other than Miami, another of the best spring break spots in the continental US is Las Vegas. Airfare and accommodation can often be brought together in a package deal to Vegas, and if you’re gambling, you will get to enjoy complimentary beverages. Similar to Miami however, the nightclubs (both entry fee and drinks) can be frighteningly expensive.

However, not all spring destinations have a party slant. Spring can be one of the best times to hit the national parks and explore with hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, or kayaking. As the spring wildflowers come into bloom, you can enjoy the great outdoors while avoiding the crowds of summer at popular fishing destinations and golf vacation spots. Many people consider the top spring destinations to be cities as well, when temperatures are pleasant and crowds are yet to arrive. If you’re wondering when to explore New York City, Philadelphia, or Washington DC, spring might be the perfect time.



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