US Travel Destinations

There are almost limitless possibilities when it comes to US vacation destinations. You can get a taste of big city life in urban playgrounds like New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago, the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest or the Grand Canyon, hit the beaches in Hawaii or Southern California, or simply head to the most popular of USA travel destinations: Las Vegas.

Eastern USA

It should be a federal mandate that every American someday make their way to New York City. The perfect grid of Manhattan beckons to anyone looking for big city fun, from the raucous nightlife to a plethora of attractions to traverse during the daylight hours. A handful of the city's tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square make this one of the most amazing USA travel destinations.

Another of the great east coast US vacation destinations is the nation's capital. The presidential monuments, the stately architecture and the overwhelming beauty of the city at night are what makes Washington D.C. what it is. And that is the most influential and powerful city in the world.

If beaches are more to your liking, Miami might be the place for you. Florida holds many of the most popular US travel destinations, but Miami is the pinnacle. South Beach is like another world, full of neon and debauchery. You can also take a number of cruises down into Key West or into the Caribbean as far as US travel destinations, Miami is as exotic as you can get on the mainland.

Western USA

US Travel Destinations - Las Vegas, Nevada

Here we have the greatest US travel destination of them all: Las Vegas. Like New Orleans and New York, it's virtually impossible to be bored in this all-night town. Even if gambling is not your thing, the sheer enormity of the Las Vegas strip, exquisite dining and scenic desert setting make the city a must see for anyone.

Seattle continues to be one of the fastest growing USA travel destinations. And anyone looking for a laid back city with a wealth of natural beauty in close proximity will understand why. The birthplace of grunge is still one of the nation's most important cities when it comes to music and culture, though the flannel and distorted guitars have long since passed from the city's forefront.

California is home to so many excellent US vacation destinations, it's hard to know where to start. Hollywood beckons millions every year, with the glamour and glitz overwhelming the rest of Los Angeles. The entertainment capital of America, you can drink in celebrity bars, head over to Venice Beach or just explore one of the city's many unique suburbs. San Francisco, San Diego and Palm Springs are almost equally loved by those that visit. San Francisco combines a more moderate climate with architectural wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge, San Diego has beautiful beaches for beautiful people and Palm Springs brings people head first into the desert's gentle sandscape.

Another of the most important US travel destinations are the Hawaiian Islands. Though each island offers something different for the vacationer, Waikiki Beach in Honolulu brings more tourists than any other city in Hawaii. If you are more interested in exploring exotic natural wonders, the Big Island might be better suited to your tastes, while Maui and Kauai extend their best wishes to those looking for perfect beaches and a wealth of breathtaking resorts.


Unfairly labeled as part of the flyover states, there are still a number of great USA travel destinations in the Midwestern regions of the country. And none is bigger than the sprawling metropolis of Chicago. From the shores of Lake Michigan to the summit of the Willis Tower, Chicago has an atmosphere all its own.

Despite the tragic ravages of Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans continues to be near the top of the list of US vacation destinations. Walking down Bourbon Street at night is like a jolt of electricity through your veins, and jazz aficionados likely will extol the virtues of the city more than anyone. Well known for the Mardi Gras celebration, return visitors will see little difference on just about any riotous Saturday night.

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