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Whether your idea of a vacation is lounging in the sun or exploring ancient ruins, every year millions of people are forced to choose how exactly to spend their days away from the office. From time-tested US vacation destinations like Las Vegas or Washington DC to exotic lands like India or South America, you'll have plenty of options to wade through before you make a decision.

Domestic travel is often the cheapest and most convenient type of vacation. US vacation destinations can be found in any state, from the coasts of Maine to the tender plains of the Badlands to the raucous nightlife of Hollywood – more people travel within the nation's borders than anywhere else. While standard vacation destinations like NY or Chicago got to be the norm for a reason, the less traveled path in America make for pleasant trips also.

Ever since Easy Rider, the appeal of the open road has been palpable. Freed from responsibility, one can drive as far or as short as they want, taking time off to explore, rest or just admire the countryside. Route 66 has long been one of the most popular road trips, but for a more distinguished trip, head down south. Here you can stop at popular US vacation destinations like New Orleans, Savannah Georgia or one of the nation's fastest growing tourist spots: Charleston, South Carolina. Combining southern charm with nineteenth-century architecture and a burgeoning beach resort atmosphere, Charleston has quietly become one of America's great vacation destinations.

Across the Rockies, ski runs get their fill of tourists from Idaho to Utah. These great vacation destinations lose only a little of their fun as the weather turns to spring, and Utah also offers the wondrous Bryce Canyon, perfect for hiking or just taking in the colored rocks beneath the setting sun.

For great vacation destinations south of the border, there's always something to do in Central American hotspots like Belize and Costa Rica, which are often regarded as some of the world's top travel destinations overall. Bordering the Caribbean, with picturesque white sand beaches, plus rain forests boasting the world's most active and diverse wildlife, these are the perfect vacation destinations for those who want to spice up their travels with a dose of adventure. Whether you are going into the jungles, sipping tropical drinks in classy lounges or listening to monkey calls while relaxing on the beach, Central America has a new fascination around every corner and is one of the more budget-friendly vacation destinations in the Northern Hemisphere.

If you want to really immerse yourself in Latin American culture, though, head further south into the rainforests of Brazil. Even if you thought Costa Rica was adventurous, you've experienced nothing like the Amazon. One of the great vacation destinations in South America, there's a reason that millions come here every year. Add this to a week in Rio de Janeiro, and you'll have a trip that will stay with you the rest of your life.

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