Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals might be an excellent alternative to staying in hotels on your next holiday. Not only can you find great deals on multiple-bedroom houses and condos, you can also cook in the kitchen facilities at your rented home and use the living and dining areas, just as you would in your own home. Less formal than staying in hotels, holiday rentals can offer a casual and comfortable holiday environment, and as demand has grown, they’re also available in many popular destinations around the world, from the Caribbean to the South Pacific. There are also many pet friendly vacation rentals, where your pet can run around in the yard or house, something that is more difficult to find in a hotel.

As it's home to large destinations such as Miami Beach or Siesta Key, Florida is one of the best places for vacation rentals, particularly pet-friendly ones, as there are lots of vacation houses for rent, many with their own yard. The ample green space in the city also makes it an ideal destination for travelers with pets. If you're traveling on a family vacation, look for large houses with multiple bedrooms for excellent value—they’re often far cheaper than staying at a hotel. You can often find pet friendly vacation rentals right on the beach.

If you'd like to get out of North America and aren't afraid to do a little adventuring off the beaten track, consider more exotic and lesser-known Asian destinations where you can get vacation rentals right on the beach. In Malaysia, the Perhentian Islands on the northeast coast feature pristine white sands and turquoise waters, just like its better-known neighbor, Thailand. Here, you can rent a cabin or chalet on the beach and spend a week soaking up the sun, snorkeling and scuba diving with schools of colorful fish, and gorging yourself on barbecued seafood. Holiday rentals on the Perhentian Islands run the gamut from upscale resorts to backpacker-friendly cabins. It’s also worth looking into destinations such as Bali, Fiji, and Tahiti if you’re looking for a tropical vacation destination with house rentals.

Rentals are also popular for winter vacations. In the US, the ski resorts in Colorado have many options for condos and other vacation rentals, as does Lake Tahoe California. Snowbirds looking to escape the cold winter in the northern US over the winter can also find excellent deals on vacation rentals in areas such as Florida, Arizona, the Gulf Coast, and the Carolinas, which all together offer plenty of opportunities to have a home away from home for several weeks during the coldest months of the year. The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico also have lots of choices for rentals, and each is a great combination of a Caribbean destination with the convenience of domestic travel.

For skiing and winter sports in Europe, one of the most popular spots for holiday rentals is in the Alps. In the French area of Rhone-Alps, some of the vacation rentals are incredibly rustic and charming, with log chalets as well as stone villas, apartment rentals, and farmhouses commonly available in the villages around the ski areas. Many cabins and lodges feature cozy details such as hot tubs, fireplaces, and for warmer days, gardens and terraces. Imagine yourself in a quaint stone cottage nestled among the green hills and snow-capped peaks of the Alps, with a stone fireplace, rustic wooden furniture, big fluffy couches, and a warm terracotta-tiled floor. On summer trips, you can go horseback riding, hiking, mountaineering, bicycling, and more, while in the winter, you are just a few steps from the best ski slopes. Few places have more inspiring and romantic destinations than the Alps, and renting a house there is the perfect setting for a memorable vacation.

Southeast Asia Vacation Rentals

Southeast Asia Vacation Rentals

Southeast Asia vacation rentals offer a glimpse into an exotic world filled with thriving culture, amazing architecture, and layers upon layers of fascinating history. A chance to stay and explore this combination of regional aspects can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many. Vacation rentals in Thailand are the most popular because of Thailand’s reputation as a gracious and delightful host country. From the best Phuket vacation rentals to seaside villas and homes all over the southern region, Thailand has a bounty of beaches and scenic areas to offer. All over Southeast Asia, from Sri Lanka to southeast China to the Philippines, vacation rental options are varied and anyone can customize vacations to ideally suit personal propensities, from beach rentals to luxury rental homes.

Planning to stay in Southeast Asia vacation rentals is often a conscious choice to navigate away from the cheapest lodging options, yet the benefits of a private rental are endless. There is an assortment of high-end, super-luxurious vacation rentals in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Islands such as Koh Samui and Bali have a high concentration of rental properties that are available throughout the year. Immaculate, sweeping estates with personal staff, private pools, beautiful gardens, gourmet kitchens, and dazzling decor are common yet each property remains unique.

Some of the best Phuket vacation rentals are at Mai Khao Beach, Kata, Laem Phrao, and Bang Tao Beach, however, there are scores of good areas to look at when looking for vacation rentals in Thailand. Phuket is broken down geographically into northwest, northeast, central, southwest, and southeast areas. There are also several Southeast Asia vacation rentals on islands off the coast of Phuket, including Phang Na, Racha Yai, and Coral Island.

Some of the best Phuket vacation rentals are located close to the island town called Phuket City. The abundance of amenities such as dining, shopping, and tours makes the day-to-day easier. Rental transportation, which is often included in rentals, is necessary to explore other parts of the large island.

The Rawai area is home to many of the best Phuket vacation rentals. There is good nightlife, several temples, and a glimpse into the lives of Thailand’s famous sea gypsies. Rawai is also an ideal launch pad for enjoying many island excursions and tours. Located in the southeast and featuring a very relaxed and casual pace, Rawai is renowned for excellent waterfront dining and endless scenic views, but if serious beach time is all that’s required there are other, better areas for vacation rentals. In Northwest Phuket, Kamala is another great destination offering bungalows, condos, and private estates. Away from the islands, Thai destinations such as Hua Hin, Krabi, and Chiang Mai also offer a wealth of things to do and see.

Taking a vacation in Southeast Asia is definitely not just limited to vacation rentals in Thailand. Southeast Asia vacation rentals are available in throughout the Indian subcontinent in places like the Himalayas in southern Tibet for adventure holidays, Cambodia where ancient ruins like Ankgor Wat are attractions, and in Vietnam where the attractions of Hanoi are unforgettable. Places like Sumatra and Java are destinations perfect for honeymoons and special getaways and where eastern exoticism meets many western comforts. Diverse cultures, rugged beauty, extravagant lodging, and incredible foods come together into a unique and remarkable experience.

Europe Vacation Rentals

Europe Vacation Rentals

Europe vacation rentals are so incredibly abundant it’s almost a shame to travel there and not enjoy a private place of your own, even if just for a night or two. Some like to splurge and rent a luxury rental home for a few nights while others secure vacation rentals for several weeks and enjoy a wealth of amenities, nearby attractions, and an entirely personalized agenda.

London and Paris are two of the most popular European vacation destinations. Vacation rentals in London can be found in most city neighborhoods, from Fulham to Kensington and Chelsea. The best Paris holiday rentals are lavish apartments close to the Eiffel Tower, fine city dining, and excellent shopping, a national pastime. And for anyone less inclined to splurge on a luxury rental, there are thousands of cheap European vacation rentals to choose between across the continent.

The best Paris holiday rentals are offered on both short and long-term agreements. Arrondissements, or much like a neighborhoods or zip code, are an important aspect to consider when choosing to vacation in Paris. The city center is a popular choice during Paris vacations and is only one of twenty neighborhood options. If comfortable using pubic transportation, choosing a neighborhood farther from the center can mean a great savings. With an apartment, all the comforts and conveniences of home are at your fingertips. Preparing home-cooked meals from the bounty of fresh food at Parisian markets is one of the best parts of a private rental and can easily make up the cost of renting an upscale apartment by avoiding expensive restaurants.

With Paris being a highly populated area, apartments are generally on the smaller side. In the heart of Paris visitors will find an abundance of studio and one-bedroom apartments. These are the best Paris holiday rentals for location and close to many museums, spas, and dining. Close to The Louvre and transportation, getting around is simplified, but don’t expect a small price tag for these diminutive flats. A week can range anywhere from $1,000 and more, depending, and finding a deal is harder than you might think. Paris vacation rentals outside trendy areas are better bets for a lower cost. Most rentals ask for a damage deposit, which is returned upon departure and include the final cleaning in the rental price.

Europe vacation rentals that offer a comparable urban experience to Paris, with loads of attractions, great nightlife, rich history, and plenty of shopping include European capitals such as Prague, Bratislava, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and several top Italian cities like Florence. These cities involve visitors, draw them into daily city life with wonderful cafes and bakeries, history museums, and art galleries, and expose them firsthand to rich cultural traditions. Anyone interested in these exciting urban aspects will enjoy any one of the many Europe vacation rentals in top European cities.

Apart from Paris, the city of London also has a reputation that is hard to beat. Vacation rentals in London are comparable to those in Paris in price, availability, and range of locations. In London, you ‘let’ an apartment. These lettings are in areas like Knightsbridge and Bayswater and come in the shape of studios, larger flats, and a wide array of houses. London neighborhoods are called boroughs. Looking for vacation rentals in London means first selecting a preferred borough. Or think bigger and find a borough afterward in East or West London, North or South London, and finally, Central London. Public transportation is excellent so don’t be afraid to choose a flat further away from attractions to enjoy some savings.

When looking for Europe vacation rentals on the Internet, look out for special offers and discounts often translated through color codes on availability calenders. Also be sure to note any minimum stays. Some vacation rentals offer a free night if you stay a certain number of them. Most rentals provide all necessary amenities plus dozens of extras so scour lists intently to ensure all requirements are met. Booking ahead is the best way to find a vacation rental that is ideal yet there is always availability for last minute vacations.

Central America Vacation Rentals

Central America Vacation Rentals

Central America vacation rentals are increasingly recognized by thousands of travelers as a practical lodging possibility for vacations to this region. South of the Mexico border, there are endless possibilities for relaxation, adventure, and much more. Luxury Costa Rica vacation rentals are also growing in popularity because of the access they grant to a unique and thriving ecosystem celebrated all around the world. Warm weather, stunning beaches, welcoming cultures, and plenty of activities contribute to the growing interest in this unique part of the world.

Vacation rentals in Belize are sought out by travelers wanting to explore fascinating Mayan ruins such as Lamanai and Caracol, as well as dive around ocean wonders like Caye Caulker and Glovers Reef. Hiking at Crooked Tree Sanctuary and enjoying the wonderful urban delights in Belize City are only a few of the many exciting things to see and do. Belize is the smallest of all Central American countries, but there are ample vacation rentals in Belize to choose among. With warm, year-round temperatures, anytime is a good time to visit. Placencia has several rental choices and some of the best beaches, too. Getting an ocean-view house with a private terrace outdoor grill, and a boat dock means a great vacation with plenty of freedom.

Luxury Costa Rica vacation rentals around Manuel Antonio Beach and Puntarenas are the most popular, but there are luxury rental properties all around the country. Most popular are groups ranging from two people up to fifteen and even twenty, all which can be accommodated in one seaside estate. Arrange sport fishing tours, enjoy captivating eco-tourism excursions, and laze away sunny days on the beach. Most luxury Costa Rica vacation rentals are managed by professional companies who can also arrange numerous activities and tours such as horseback riding, sunset sailing trips, whitewater rafting and dolphin watching. Your wish is their command and pampering is the norm when vacationing in a luxury Central America vacation rentals.

Around Tamarindo Beach, luxury Costa Rica vacation rentals abound, and it’s not uncommon to find a house for several thousand per week and up. That may sound like a drop in the bucket to some, while to others that translates into a month’s (or more) income. The good news is, these beautiful rental homes usually sleep about ten people, depending on the bedrooms, which means a group vacation is completely affordable. Generally, amenities include such things as large outdoor pools and hot tubs, air conditioning, gourmet kitchens, private garages, professional landscaping, and great scenery. High-tech gadgets, satellite TV, and sometimes even a boat are also often included. Guanacaste, Jaco, Nosara, and the San Hose region are more places to look for luxury Costa Rica vacation rentals.

Whether it’s vacation rentals in Belize, Nicaragua, or even Panama, the choices are surprisingly accommodating. Modern facilities have become the standard with central America vacation rentals and lodging is not only comfortable, it’s downright indulgent. Considering how far the dollar can be stretched, Central America vacation rentals are well worth considering when looking into tropical vacation rentals. Honduras vacation rentals are a good bet for tighter budgets while renting somewhere in Guatemala can yield a great place perfect for several people in many interesting areas.

South America Vacation Rentals

South America Vacation Rentals

South America vacation rentals are an ideal way to enjoy a more personal and up-front approach when visiting areas across the continent. Though it might seem daunting to stay on your own—without the help of hotel or resort staff—and figure out your day-to-day activities, the benefits of a vacation rental can be extremely positive. From the best Brazil vacation rental to an incredible rental property in Santiago, Chile, there are a deluge of vacation spots offering their very own piece of the action. Whether it’s an urban apartments or luxury beach rentals in Brazil, South America vacations are loaded with choices.

Brazil takes up the largest area in South America with Argentina coming in second and Peru third. Venezuela has a small but beautiful coastline as does Uruguay and Ecuador. Bolivia, though landlocked, has plenty to offer modern travelers. Though Columbia hasn’t had the best reputation, travel conditions are definitely on the brighter side and tourism has flourished over the years. South America vacation rentals in Chile offer an outstanding look at South American culture with the added bonus of a wine region second only to Argentina’s world-famous stock. Yet with all of these captivating countries to choose between, Brazil has stayed on top for decades.

Luxury beach rentals in Brazil are an incredible way to enjoy some of Brazil’s best beaches, recreational opportunities, and cuisine. In fact, Brazil has so much going for it that deciding what’s best is purely impossible. From Carnival to famous Rio de Janeiro, Brazil encompasses many of the top attractions in South America, making it a practical choice for many travelers. Choosing the best Brazil vacation rental for your specific situation might mean finding an ideal beach with plenty of amenities and a healthy dose of nightlife, which is a simple task in Brazil.

Some luxury beach rentals in Brazil are rented out by owners when not in use, while others are purely income properties. Both are generally well looked after, but it’s the owner-occupied getaways that tend to get more TLC. Areas like Recife, Rio de Janeiro, and Florianopolis are great choices when looking for luxury rentals by Brazil’s best beaches. Florianopolis is a particularly good choice with many private homes available only steps from the beaches. Most South America vacation rentals are aligned with North American standards, meaning fully equipped kitchens, hot tubs, Wi-Fi, satellite TV and comfortable, fashionable furnishings and decor are the norm.

The best Brazil vacation rental could easily be in Natal, a quiet northern area rich in the Rio Grande do Norte with beaches and natural attractions as well as the modern urban oasis of Ponta Negra where nightlife and shopping abound. Natal and Ponta Negra together create two bustling urban centers yet the relatively small size means getting accustomed comes easily. The close-knit feel of Natal makes it a great place to explore. Luxury beach rentals in Brazil around this area can be harder to find because they aren’t as abundant as Brazil’s more acclaimed cities yet Brazil hotels are ample.

South America vacation rentals, though certainly pricier than Central America vacation rentals, retain layers of charm and are often presented in exciting areas filled with things to do. South America is a good choice for last minute vacations, granting plenty of options in several different backdrops. Bear in mind that outside of larger countries, rental standards can differ greatly so be sure to ask for as much information as possible before committing. Whether Brazil is the top choice or a smaller South America country is the focus, there is, indisputably, something for everyone in South America.

West Coast Vacation Rentals

West Coast Vacation Rentals

West Coast vacation rentals focus on an area of the USA teeming with attractions, activities, exceptional scenery, and great food. Flanking the North Pacific Ocean, and tucked between the border of Canada’s popular West Coast and Mexico, the area thrives with natural attributes at every turn, and plenty of great vacation rentals as well. From Seaside to Coos Bay, the best Oregon Coast vacation rentals are surrounded by a bounty of attractions concentrated along the coast, drawing thousands of tourists each year. From California’s famous 17-Mile Drive and exciting San Francisco, vacation rentals in California are incredibly sought-after. These two world-famous state’s are renowned for thousands of reasons, from celebrated cities to rich wildlife to diverse outdoor adventure. And then there’s Los Angeles and Hollywood, of course, the center of the universe for some and a great vacation destination for others.

Vacation rentals in California are separated into several different regions, which makes finding the ideal rental a lot easier. There’s wine country, with Napa taking top spot. The San Francisco Bay area and San Diego both offer competitive rental markets with upscale homes, small cottages, and plenty of apartments available . These areas are good bets for last minute vacation rentals because of the abundance of properties. Scores of vacation rentals in California are found around Lake Tahoe, an immensely popular winter retreat ideal for skiing. Famous Squaw Valley offers excellent vacation packages as do other ski resorts like Alpine Meadows.

West Coast vacation rentals are a breath of fresh air for those coming from inner city destinations. Hitting the coast with ocean breezes and plenty of rife scenery makes everything seem to come to a complete stop. Vacations on the West Coast can be enjoyed in any number of themes. Shopping is a major pastime on a scene that is world famous for incredible designers and colorful shops and boutiques selling unique clothing and other goods. The outdoors can’t be ignored either. Stunning natural attractions like Mount Shasta, Redwood National Park, Big Sur, and Yosemite are high on the guidepost as are seaside locations like Laguna Beach and Malibu.

With the best Oregon Coast vacation rentals comes access to attractions like Crater Lake National Park, Mount Hood, Hell’s Canyon, and the Oregon Coast itself. West coast rentals in Oregon tend to be cheaper then their southern neighbor, but they still feature a wide range of price tags. The best Oregon vacation rentals for beach lovers are in areas such as Cannon Beach, Sunset Bay, and Coos Bay. The Oregon Coast Aquarium is one of the top attractions in Newport which is the center of all coastal attractions in the state.

Ocean view cottages are some of the best Oregon Coast vacation rentals and begin at a few hundred dollars per night and up with most homes situated directly on the beach. On average, these kinds of rentals sleep six to eight people and feature 1200-plus square feet, modern furnishings and decor, and beautiful, surrounding scenery. West Coast vacation rentals in Oregon in less popular yet equally picturesque locations, like Rogue Shores, tend to attract a more budget-minded crowd and are extremely family and pet-friendly. Onsite laundry, satellite TV, outdoor patios and grills, fully equipped kitchens, and Wi-Fi are usual amenities.

The vast shoreline carving down the coast of Oregon and California skirts a hotbed of excitement during vacations. With so many attractions to choose from, you can visit museums, beaches, aquariums, shopping malls, national, and state parks in the same day. Choose to relax or be adventurous, whatever your mood. There is little that isn’t available in the way of amenities. There are small, scenic communities and bustling metropolis’ all waiting to be explored from West coast vacation rentals.

Cheap Vacation Rentals

Cheap Vacation Rentals

Cheap vacation rentals are found all around the world, located in many desirable locations, and offering freewheeling travelers an excellent way to enjoy vacations on their own terms. There are many ways to find a cheap vacation house and depending on the departure point and the time of year, some methods will be ideal while others will be simply unachievable. Focus on traveling to a destination in mid or off season for lower rates. If vacation time is predetermined, looking at which destinations are in off season at that particular time is another way to save.

Some of the ways to acquire cheap vacation rentals are complicated, in-depth processes that are time consuming and can be too confusing. Using simple measures can be an effective way to find a low-priced vacation rental. Where to find a cheap vacation rental will be dictated by how far you’re willing to travel to get there. Eastern countries offer a diversity and rich cultural air that the West doesn’t exactly have. Not in as wide of a scope anyway. Eastern countries including India, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia are renowned for low prices for all travel amenities, from flights to food to cheap vacation rentals. Granted, a cheap vacation house may be a simple structure with bare bones amenities, but for some, that’s all it takes, particularly if you can get a good deal on a beach rental. However, the downside is the cost of overseas flights is the extra expense so what it entails to actually go there may be more than it’s worth.

Auctions are becoming more and more popular. Those who want to know where to find a cheap vacation rental should take to the Internet and look around at bidding or auction sites as ideal travel resources. For instance—a specific villa in Princeville, Hawaii, might go for $1,400 for the week. The owner of the unit puts it up for auction, setting a reserve price, which is basically the owners minimum bid acceptance. If you bid highest while still meeting that reserve price, you win the auction. There are some owners who don’t set a reserve price and this means the highest bidder wins. This can be a great way to get a cheap vacation house, but keep in mind there are several terms and conditions to review before making a bid.

When wondering where to find a cheap vacation rental, taking a look at your local paper can be a lifesaver. As long as it’s out of peak periods like Spring Break, you could have luck finding a cheap house or cottage near a lake, river, or even the ocean. In Canada, there are thousands of lakes, including Lake Erie and Lake Huron, flanked by cottages small and large. Within these areas there are always cheap vacation rentals available, whether for last minute vacations or advanced plans.

Similarly, Florida offers a wealth of vacation rentals in many prime areas. Where to find a cheap vacation rental in Florida will depend on the preferred area. One good way to enjoy a nice vacation rental on a budget is to find a cheap rental transportation deal and then opt for a home away from central areas. Taking the time to travel ten to twenty minutes by car for shopping, dining, beaches, and more will automatically score you a great deal without having to sacrifice any comforts.

If you’re truly trying to find a cheap vacation house, don’t aim low, but don’t aim for the sky either. Finding cheap rentals in premium areas like Nantucket or Paris in peak seasons will not procure any rock bottom prices. Instead, remain positive yet practical. Don’t settle for less unless it becomes evident that expectations are too high. Try affordable, family-friendly areas like Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, Myrtle Beach, and Hershey, Pennsylvania where prices are easy on the pocketbook.

Las Vegas Vacation Rentals

Las Vegas Vacation Rentals

Las Vegas vacation rentals are most definitely available outside of the endless run of hotels and resorts in Sin City, whether they are situated on the thrilling Las Vegas Strip or found in a quiet neighborhood. A cheap vacation rental in Vegas can be an ideal choice for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or just a fun family vacation filled with great entertainment. With plenty wealthy residents and visitors comes a healthy dose of lavish properties, which means finding a Las Vegas luxury vacation rental is child’s play.

Las Vegas is certainly an over-the-top destination that will have your eyes bulging and your mind spinning simply by trying to take in all the non-stop bustle. Las Vegas is a place to live large and a Las Vegas luxury vacation rental proves that in an instant. With billions of dollars worth of real estate changing hands all the time, there are plenty of high-end properties for rent when they’re not occupied by their jet-setting owners. Location is a priority for many. With upscale lodging come prime locations close to numerous points of major interest. Whether it’s shopping and dining or exciting nightlife, there are vacation rentals in all the best areas of Las Vegas.

There are some notable requirements to be aware of before securing Las Vegas vacation rentals. Most properties require the renter to be a minimum of 25 years old, which can be an issue for younger travelers. Often there is a cleaning fee that can total several hundred dollars so be sure to check before renting. Reading all the fine print will generally keep any possible surprises at bay. To gamble at any Las Vegas casinos, visitors must be 21 years old.

A cheap vacation rental in Vegas can still be in a good area near the best city attractions. Studio apartments sleeping up to four people can be snagged up for less than a hundred dollars a night, but these deals need to be jumped on. Cheap rentals are often available nightly, weekly, and monthly and generally the longer the renting period, the cheaper the price. From 1,000-square-foot studios to 5,000-plus square foot mansions, Vegas offers every possibility under the sun, both in lodging and lifestyle.

There isn’t any doubt that Las Vegas vacation rentals near the Strip are high priority for many visitors. Since The Strip is already laden with Las Vegas hotels, resorts, and casinos, private ownership tends to be exclusive and fairly limited. Anyone wanting a prime spot on the Strip is better to get a hotel suite at one of the famous spots such as Mandalay Bay, Venetian, Bellagio, or the MGM Grand. Sometimes private condos are available as well.

Generally a Las Vegas luxury vacation rental will have a better location than a cheap rental because of property values, but that isn’t to say a cheap house, condo, or apartment within easy distance of the Strip can’t be found. Having access to a vehicle is a good idea for anyone planning on exploring the area, heading out to golf courses, or taking advantage of the many other things to do in Las Vegas. Public transportation is also available so if it’s a simple plan of renting and traveling back and forth from the Strip, then a car isn’t necessary at all.

When searching for a cheap vacation rental in Vegas, be sure to play with dates as much as possible because rates can differ slightly from one week to the next depending on the season. That also applies to a Las Vegas luxury vacation rental. Most properties offer a calender based on availability where potential renters can clearly see when the property is free to be rented and what rates are for each week.

Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Hawaii vacation rentals are a major appeal to all kinds of people, including romantics, adventurers, explorers, bird-watchers, and nature-lovers alike. Amazing weather, stunning beaches, sacred sites, and more create a landscape filled with unique experiences—it's no surprise Hawaii vacations are so popular. A luxury vacation rental in Maui or a moderately priced private rental on Big Island both breed the opportunity to discover many natural characteristics of this group of famous islands. A huge range of accommodation choices makes Hawaii even more appealing. A cheap Hawaii vacation rental could be just the thing for your next island vacation.

From private villas to modest condos to picturesque beachfront houses, Hawaii vacation rentals fit the bill for almost any need. On Maui, there are pockets of vacation rentals dispersed along many of the most popular coasts. Visitors can look for a cheap Hawaii vacation rental east of Haleakala National Park, along the shores of Wailea-Makena, and in renowned Lahaina, Napili, and Kailua along the northwest coastline. A luxury vacation rental in Maui can be an ideal retreat filled with adventure and relaxation. Most villas are equipped with plenty of high-tech gadgets and appliances, wall-to-wall windows with sublime oceanfront views, huge swimming pools flanked by attractive outdoor landscaping, and lanais, or balconies, where a cocktail and sunset go hand in hand. Though moderately priced rentals are possible to find on Maui, the island is best suited to those with more expansive budgets.

A cheap Hawaii vacation rental can be the perfect compromise to a hotel. Hawaii vacation rentals on Big Island are some of the most affordable in the entire island chain. A cheap Hawaii vacation rental on Big Island doesn’t mean sacrificing any of Hawaii’s best traits either. Renting a one bedroom condo or apartment with a pull-out sofa is one way to get your money’s worth but that isn’t always necessary if your budget isn’t bare-bones. A cheap Hawaii vacation rental can be found for a surprisingly low daily rate if you look in advance and book advance. With plenty of lovely mountains, rainforests, caves, beaches, and volcanoes to explore, a cheap rental still offers a million-dollar experience.

Looking for Hawaii vacation rentals is a matter of finding your focus and not getting sidetracked. Even if you want that luxury vacation rental in Maui, but can’t quite afford it, try looking for a house outside of major peak seasons. Hawaii has two specific seasons—winter and summer. Both are popular and both seasons have their own peak periods when prices can stay at a steady high. As long as travels don’t coincide with major holidays like Christmas or school holidays, there is a good chance of finding a cheap Hawaii vacation rental.

A luxury vacation rental in Maui, Oahu, Kauai, or even Lanai is a much easier accomplishment for these properties are abundant with much less competition between vacationers. There are several major rental sites that feature luxury properties for rent in the Hawaiian islands throughout the year. Levels of lavishness range from luxurious to right-out-of-this-world opulence. Ocean villas with upwards of seven and eight bedrooms are not uncommon, but neither is a three or four bedroom home. The idea behind securing what you really want is to get ahead of the game if possible, avoid pricey seasons, and seek out the natural, and free things to do in the area.

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