Vacation Rentals in the Caribbean

Vacation rentals in the Caribbean are located in one of the most blessed parts of the world. Brimming with natural endowments, the Caribbean is a remote destination and a place where the rest of the world seems like it doesn’t exist. The best Caribbean vacation rental might be one of the beautiful Puerto Rico villas tucked away in a secluded region of Culebra Beach, or a private house overlooking the sea in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Bahamas vacation rentals also have a way of ingraining a relaxed lifestyle into your very soul so that going home is just about the last thing you’d want to do. These destinations have one major thing in common—they will relax and recharge you like almost no landlocked community can.

The beauty of the Caribbean is there is something for everyone. The colorful diversity throughout the islands might be surprising to some who envision endless islands and beaches and that’s about it. Finding an island that lines up with your personal taste is the first step to getting the best Caribbean vacation rental. Different islands feature the best of many different things. Some islands are renowned for world-class golf courses while others are better for scuba diving. Some islands are known for celebrating countless festivals while others have exceptional shopping. Listing vacation priorities is an ideal way to narrow down choices and select the best island for your needs. Whether it’s outdoor adventure or a historical tour, you’ll find it in the islands.

Bahamas vacation rentals are up there in acclaim with vacation rentals in Bermuda and Jamaica. Often called the Jewel of the Atlantic, the Bahamas aren't technically part of the Caribbean, although most consider them to be. Located off the coast of Florida and exhibiting rich history and natural attractions, Bahamas has endless beaches that are also rich with rentals. A starting rate in the Bahamas is easily comparable to cheap hotels, yet ranges all the way up to incredible prices in the tens of thousands. This is a good thing because it means many budgets are accommodated.

In Anguilla, Caribbean vacation rentals are widely available and snapped up by tourists looking for an island with great snorkeling, a wide variety of beaches—all public—and a host of excellent dining options. Anguilla is popular for luxury vacations because of the many large, luxurious beachfront vacation rentals located around the island. Sweeping sundecks, massive oceanfront pools, modern, professionally designed interior, and an amassment of both indoor and outdoor amenities are the usual.

The island is also renowned for its funky, eclectic music scene with plenty of live bands playing string music and reggae at a many island pubs and restaurants. If you want to be pampered and have your every whim indulged, Anguilla is a great option. Luxury spas, yacht rentals, and amazing sunsets are all part and parcel of Anguilla vacations.

Generally, looking around on the Internet can procure some good options for vacation rentals in the Caribbean. Many companies specializing in Bahamas vacation rentals advertise their client's homes and any special offers available. Availability is usually provided so you can tell right away if an interesting property is available when you need it to be. Homes are up to North American standards and fully equipped for holiday living with plenty of modern amenities and the higher the price, the more plush the property.

There are villa rentals, condo rentals, and seaside cottage rentals throughout the region so finding the best Caribbean vacation rental is manageable. Waterskiing, snorkeling, sailing, cycling, golf, and diving are usually all close by. Bahamas is perfect for romantic vacations, but it’s also a family-friendly island destination. Pink-hued Harbour Island is considered one of the best beaches in the world, but other Bahamian destinations like remote Cat Island, Eleuthera, and Treasure Cay are great final stops, too.

Traveling on a budget is something many people do and for these money-managing explorers, Dominican Republic can be a great place to look for vacation rentals in the Caribbean. Mexico’s Caribbean side is another great choice for those with more limited resources. There are scores of modest homes to choose between, many owned by expats who spend part of the year away from home. Traveling mid-week and renting in the less popular months of June and July, is another way to get better rates for all amenities, including flights and enjoying lower rates all around.

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