East Coast Vacation Rentals

East Coast vacation rentals in the United States offer a look at one of the most diverse and exciting American regions. From Outer Banks rentals in North Carolina to lofts in New York City, the options are limitless and filled with incredible opportunities. Vacation rentals in Virginia Beach offer sun, sand, and beach lovers one of the finest beaches in the USA as well as top-rate fishing, festivals, and food. The East Coast is home to several world-famous destinations like Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and pretty Hilton Head Island. With wonderful, sunny weather, great beaches, and lots of exciting activities, there’s no way to go wrong with vacation rentals on the East Coast.

One of the most sought-after of all private rentals are Cape Cod vacation rentals. Cape Cod, along with Nantucket, teems with thousands of annual tourists. North of Nantucket Sound and encompassing Provincetown, Eastham, Wellfleet, Barnstable, and several other towns, Cape Cod has many East Coast vacation rentals to choose from. Ocean beaches, bay-side beaches, kettle and freshwater ponds all exhibit the diversity found in the cape. Vacation rentals are mostly in form of beach cottages and though there are many, they are far outnumbered by Cape Cod hotels, motels, guesthouses, inns, and bed and breakfast which means move fast or be disappointed.

Another popular East Coast area is Virginia Beach. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, vacation rentals in Virginia Beach are generally booked solid. This time is peak season and with most people booking vacations as early as the day after New Years, there isn’t much of a fighting chance of getting anything if you try to snag a last minute rental. Real estate agents have bred like wildfire and now there are dozens upon dozens in the area that show vacations rentals in Virginia Beach. These rentals can also be viewed on the Internet, which is another a good way to find and contact real estate agents, or find a rental independently.

There are some super-swanky oceanfront vacation homes in Virginia Beach. There are also smaller, humbler homes to choose from. It’s not uncommon for beach house price tags to be in the thousands although the nice part is most of these homes sleep eight to twelve people. Homes with five to ten bedrooms are the norm in Virginia Beach. Bright, airy homes with direct beach access feature amenities such as fireplaces, satellite TV, pools, hot tubs, sun decks, and much more. Most homes are listed in price by In Season and Value Season, meaning peak and off-peak season.

In North Carolina, Outer Banks rentals are yet another option for East Coast vacations. Laze away the day in a hammock, enjoy many water-related activities, or simply sit back and soak in the relief of a completely unhurried pace. There are parks and wildlife, historical and cultural sites, and plenty of lighthouses to see. The homes available include traditional homes, homes with pools, oceanfront estates, pet-friendly homes, and houses with six or more bedrooms. Most oceanfront homes are multimillion dollar properties that are thousands per week. Almost all Outer Banks rentals have their own, unique name to easily identify them when searching. Just as popular as vacation rentals in Virginia Beach, plan well ahead and choose one of the fifteen towns within Outer Banks that’s ideal for all your needs.

East Coast vacation rentals are also available within South Carolina, Connecticut, and New Jersey, among other coastal states. For a genuine cosmopolitan getaway, New York City is perfect and offers a huge array of attractions and things to do. Pricey? Yes. Incredibly exciting? Definitely. So don’t think an East Coast vacation must be spent on the beach. All travelers can easily find many appealing things along this magnificent coastline.

East Coast Vacation Rentals

East Coast Rentals

East Coast vacation rentals in the United States offer a look at one of the m...

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