Last Minute Vacation Rentals

Last minute vacation rentals are a definite possibility and an exciting prospect to consider. Last minute holiday rentals are located all around the world in a diverse array of cities, towns, and coastal areas. There are apartments, condos, and small studios. There are huge, lavish houses, penthouse apartments, and countryside retreats. From thriving cities to flourishing beach towns and remote areas, virtually everything is available if you know where to look. The best places to find a last minute vacation rental include the coasts of Central and South America, several European countries, Caribbean islands, and across North America. Spirited travelers might consider Asia vacation rentals while sun-worshipers often head to a vacation rental in Mexico.

Last minute vacation rentals are widely available in Europe, especially in countries like Spain where thousands of expats maintain second homes. With two homes to pay for, many rent out properties while away, either on their own vacation or at their primary residence. Having a second property is very common with expats living in Spain and this translates into plenty for the choosing, even for last minute holiday rentals. With an abundance of houses to rent out, and everyone on a different schedule, anytime of year can be a good time to rent a house or flat. Similarly, Portugal, with a vast, meandering coastline, is another good bet for finding last minute holiday rentals, especially in places like Porto, Algarve, and Lagos. Both of these locales offer plenty of inland hotspots, beaches, and great nightlife.

Another of the best places to find a rental for last minute vacations is in North America. This is especially true for adventure seekers looking for the best hiking, skiing, boating, and scenic drives. Avoid very popular places like Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, where space fills up quickly and you might not have much of a choice in what you can rent if you wait. Though Hawaii vacation rentals are abundant, most all are booked up by the time their availability arrives. Still, if you have your heart set on a certain destination, it is always worth a try before moving on to another choice. Within Canada, there are thousands of cottages for rent on pristine lakes and along both coasts. This can be a good choice for nature lovers and those who want peace and quiet.

As destinations still growing in popularity, countries like Honduras and Costa Rica offer a good fighting chance when looking for last minute vacation rentals in Central America. Renting private homes over staying at hotels is still less attractive to the majority of travelers benefiting anyone looking for a rental with time closing in quickly. Costa Rica’s rich environmental attributes are, by now, well known to the world and beach areas like Tamarindo have many modern homes and apartments available. Though lesser known, and certainly the country less traveled, Honduras offers a bounty of attractions, including Roatan Island and the gorgeous Bay Islands, and plenty of history through several key Mayan ruins.

Caribbean vacation rentals number in the tens of thousands and can be found on every major island across the sea. Even smaller islands offer tropical oases to choose between that hit on various budgets. The Caribbean is one of the best places to find a last minute vacation rental as well as cheap flights and even cheap tours and activities depending on the island. Bahamas, Barbados, and Jamaica see the highest number of visitors and are home to so many expats that private rentals abound from coast to coast. Finding last minute vacation rentals is completely achievable. Be aware you might not find something suitable in the first destination you choose but be sure to exhaust all resources and remain open-minded and that little piece of vacation paradise can certainly be yours.

Last Minute Vacation Rentals

Last Minute Rentals

Last minute vacation rentals are a definite possibility and an exciting prosp...

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