Mexico Vacation Rentals

Mexico vacation rentals come in all forms for a variety of budgets. They are located all over Mexico, but particularly around the best beaches in the country. Staying close to Mayan ruins for an in depth exploration is a popular angle when planning vacations. The ancient Mayan civilization is fascinating and there are reminders of it everywhere. Cathedrals and temples along with major ruins like Chichen Itza have their way of casting a spell and drawing in the likes of history and architectural buffs the world over. As a developing nation, prices in Mexico are still reasonable. This means vacation rentals are quite popular, especially with Americans who don’t have a great distance to travel.

Areas such as Cabo San Lucas and Cozumel are home to some of the higher-end vacation rentals while in Playa del Carmen and Isla Mujeres, there are many more deals to be had for rentals that are more modest in size and amenities. When looking to find a luxury vacation rental in Mexico for a bargain, flexible travel dates can be helpful for finding the best rates. Vacation rentals in Cancun are also very popular and situated in an area concentrated with tourists. Luxury homes include amenities like private docks and boats, private beaches, high-end appliances, satellite TV, lavish linens, and incredible views.

Though vacation rentals in Cancun are probably the most popular, there are several interesting areas that appeal to those who appreciate urban areas more than beaches. Taxco, as a designated National Monument, is a great place to rent a house or apartment. Developed into a mountain and renowned for fine silver, Taxco offers excellent dining and shopping and is within several points of interest including the Pacific Ocean. Anyone looking for a luxury vacation rental in Mexico will find a few in Taxco but mostly there are smaller apartments for rent. Other cities ideal for renting in include Mexico City, Merida, and Oaxaca.

There’s no doubt most tourists travel to Mexico to experience the beautiful beaches which is why vacation rentals in Cancun are so popular. The neighborhood of Portofino in Cancun is filled with time shares offered as rentals, condos, apartments, and oceanfront villas. There is a great range in rates and amenities. Nightly, weekly, and monthly rentals are all easy to find. Mexico vacation rentals in Cancun and the vicinity generally offer multiple bedrooms, waterfront views, fully equipped kitchens, multiple bathrooms, and island decor. Many are in the hotel zone filled with Cancun hotels, and part of thriving tourist communities.

The Tulum ruins are directly on the sea and one of the most captivating of all Mayan ruins. Tulum is one of the top Mexico attractions, receiving thousands of annual visitors. The entire area is filled with rentals and is a good bet for finding a luxury vacation rental in Mexico. Akumel, slightly north of Tulum, is a good base for exploring the ruins too. Akumel vacation rental deals could include a vehicle which makes it much easier to get around the area. Within this area, tourists can also visit Playa del Carmen, the fishing village of Puerto Morelos, or jump on a nearby ferry to Cozumel. Situated on the Caribbean Sea, the water is wonderfully warm and perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Looking for a luxury vacation rental in Mexico will produce a mind-boggling list of results as will searching for lower and mid-range rates properties. Planning when to go is key to getting a good deal. Avoid hurricane season, which kicks in August with severe weather in the following months. Plans that include peak season travel will have to be arranged well in advance to even secure a rental, let along a bargain. Creating a list of needs and wants is a good place to start before exploring options. Because Mexico vacation rentals differ so much, be sure to thoroughly explore amenities, locations, and reviews before committing.

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