South Pacific Vacation Rentals

South Pacific vacation rentals are set in a backdrop so perfect it gives the tropics a new meaning. Fiji is one of the most magnificent of all South Pacific vacation destinations, encompassing more than 300 of its own islands, many which are uninhabited and in a perfect, natural state. Swaying palms, clear rivers and oceans, and sugary-white beaches are major attractions and attributes that paint the landscape in every direction. Australia is another ideal retreat with scores of Australia vacation rentals offered in prime spots such as Adelaide and Sydney, and with six distinct regions each offering unique attractions and various vacation rentals, having fun is always easy.

The best vacation rentals in Fiji are designed purposefully to encourage the feeling of ideal remoteness, yet offer accessible amenities so isolation has no disadvantages. Privacy is luxury and lavish rentals around Fiji offer plenty of it. Some Fiji vacation rentals are situated directly on the ocean, but may not have much of a beach yet there are always beaches to choose from nearby. Others are set on white sand beaches offering the absolute best access anyone could ask for.

Though visions of Fiji often conjure dollar signs, finding the best vacation rentals in Fiji doesn’t have to be a wallet crusher. For a couple of hundred dollars a night, a group of six to eight can enjoy a large beachfront property in Fiji—in areas like Viti Levu—complete with amenities including Wi-Fi and maid service and near many attractions and thing to do. Much like Australia vacation rentals, most rentals in Fiji come with a pool to combat seriously hot days. Kadavu and Vanua Levu are more Fijian islands with rentals and there are also a few on Yasawa Island too.

Hawaii and the Cook Islands are the two best places to find an abundance of affordable South Pacific vacation rentals. They are often much cheaper than the best vacation rentals in Fiji yet still offer a wealth of convenience and luxury. On Rarotonga on the Cook Islands, a vacation rental is ideal because of small square mileage which means an area easy and quick to navigate. There is plentiful shopping and dining, making it a great place for those who value their independence. Hawaii’s selection of South Pacific vacation rentals is very extensive with scores of families renting vacation homes out throughout the year. There is ample choice in lavish properties for luxury vacations as well as a varying scale of fairly basic and affordable houses. Ideal Hawaii weather, excellent nightlife, and some of the best adventure tourism in the world is all at hand.

A hop, skip, and a jump east over the pond to Australia and New Zealand there are incredible opportunities for renting a private home. Australia vacation rentals offer more than just beaches and sunshine, although those are definitely major points for many vacationers. Tasmania also offers many South Pacific vacation rentals with a few in the $100 or less per night range. One- and two-bedroom rentals are most common and it’s not difficult to find many great homes that are the same price as average Tasmania hotels per night.

If you’re sticking to Australia, Canberra is a modern city offering many urban attractions and abundant history. Unique rock formations, tropical rainforests, and waterfalls are the natural riches in Darwin while Australia vacation rentals near the Great Barrier Reef are the most sought. Holiday rentals in New Zealand also offer access to natural wealth akin to the best attractions of its northern neighbor. Whether it’s Fiji, or Australia, or the Cook Islands that tug at your heartstrings, each of these South Pacific destinations have a multitude of options in South Pacific vacation rentals, and so many things to do, relaxing might be harder then you think.

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