Vacations are one of the best parts of life. And as vacation spots around the world come in endless variety, there are innumerable exciting options with plenty of different activities. From the exotic islands of the Caribbean and the South Pacific to the splendid scenery in Australia to the great cities of Europe, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to go; the only hard part is choosing the best vacation spots for your getaways. If your heart is set on a memorable trip, do your research into the best destinations for you, based on your budget, favorite things to do, scenery, and what time of year you plan to go. All together, this will help you choose the absolute best vacation spots to make the most of your traveling and see some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

The list of vacation types is nearly endless—family vacations, honeymoons, couples getaways, cruises, and college spring break trips are just a few of the options when you’re choosing your perfect trip. One of the best things about travel nowadays is there are also myriad options for both budget and luxury vacations. Although some travelers may insist on 5-star service everywhere, that’s not an option for everyone, and thankfully, there are plenty of ways to save money and still get to see the world’s great sites. Vacation packages, off-season travel, being flexible on your destination, and last minute bookings are just a few of the options for saving money.

When you’re choosing where to go, Europe is always one of the classic choices, both in winter and summer. London is an endlessly popular place to go. Whether you’d like to see the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, or stroll around Buckingham Palace and the many museums, there are plenty of things to do here. For a more unusual trip, or if you’re just interested in seeing the beaches in England, you might consider the Great Yarmouth, which is a perfect destination for tourists looking to escape the bustle of the city and see an idyllic historic setting in the UK. If your heart is in Italy, however, the Amalfi Coast is one of the best vacation spots in Europe, whether you’re on a romantic getaway or any other type of trip. This beautiful coast is a few miles from the city of Salerno, and it’s one of the most picturesque areas in Europe, with plenty of historic attractions to check out as well.

If you’re planning an exotic island vacation, the Caribbean has many resorts to choose among in a variety of price ranges. The Bahamas, for instance, have a special place in the hearts of many tourists. Consisting of more than twenty islands, this Caribbean paradise has plenty of opportunities to snorkel, scuba dive, or simply lie on the beaches and relax. Grand Bahama and Paradise Island are two of the popular choices, but they’re far from the only ones. The US Virgin Islands, Aruba, and Puerto Rico are all popular choices for Caribbean getaways as well.

If you’d rather try a new area for your tropical getaway, consider the South Pacific—Fiji is a terrific choice that also includes excellent outdoor activities, beautiful beaches, and stunning historic and natural attractions, as well as accommodations ranging from cheap hostels to luxury resorts. If you want to combine some of the loveliest beaches with one of the world’s greatest cities, consider Australia. Sydney is a cosmopolitan destination with excellent architecture, restaurants, and museums, as well as some of the best beach destinations in the southern hemisphere, such as Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation spot, or are simply looking to plan domestic travel to save some cash, consider heading to Orlando Florida. Often considered the top theme park destination in the world, it is home to both Disney World and Universal Studios, and other popular Florida attractions are only a short drive away. The Disney resorts in the area are one of the best options for vacation packages as well, so if a hassle-free trip is what you have in mind, this is a great place to go.

There are many types of vacations to choose from, including adults only getaways, cruise vacations, and all inclusive vacations to resorts around the world, and the array of options for vacation rentals also gives travelers myriad choices for where to stay. Whether you're interested in apartments, condos, or a villa rental, there are options around the world for a home away from home. In the end, choosing where to go is the hardest part of vacation planning. It’s hard to go wrong, however, when your choices include beautiful spots across the US, Europe, the Caribbean, and around the world. Pick your favorite place, book your ticket, and get ready for one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have.

Spa Vacations

Spa Vacations

Spa vacations are available just about everywhere in the world. You will find suitable spa hotels in large cities and in remote wilderness, on beautiful beaches and in high mountains. You can even book spa and yoga cruises.

Virtually all cruise ships have spas. On most ships, there is a simply a spa onboard—just as there might be a restaurant, casino, or swimming pool. But some luxury cruise lines have ships with spas that are destinations in themselves, with all of the ship or a significant portion of it designed as a luxurious spa destination. There will be quiet areas, meditation rooms, spiritual yoga classes, and restaurants serving only gourmet vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Even the cabins have been designed as Zen-filled retreats.

If you are in the market for a health spa vacation that encompasses the history of this kind of vacation to "take a cure," then you may want to head to Europe. Here, people have been visiting thermal hot springs and mineral baths since the times of the ancient Roman Empire. The countries of Eastern Europe, Hungary and the Czech Republic in particular, became extremely popular beginning at the end of the eighteenth century. During the nineteenth century and into the early part of the twentieth century, the wealthy aristocracy of the world came to places like the city of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic and the beautiful capital city of Budapest where hundreds of hot springs bubbled up from the earth.

In Budapest, you can stay in one of the finest five-star hotels in all Europe, the Four Seasons Gresham Palace, which boasts a wonderful full-service spa. You do not, however, need to be wealthy to enjoy spa vacations in this city. You can stay in one of the several Hungary hostels or pensions for only a few dollars a night, and still be able to visit the city's public mineral pools and baths.

The Gellert Thermal Baths were built in the years before World War I, and offer wonderful examples of the extravagant Art Nouveau-style of architecture that was so popular at that time. Entry is very inexpensive, and provides access to a number of thermal baths and small pools, saunas, plunge pools, and a warm-water swimming pool. There are massage services, and even a children's pool. The waters of these historic baths come from the mineral hot springs of Gellert Hill. You can find an even older and more historic health spa vacation like this on the Greek Island of Evia where the thermal waters were enjoyed hundreds of years before Christ, and in Istanbul, the magnificent Ottoman city that lies at the junction of Europe and Asia.

All Inclusive Spa Vacations

All Inclusive Spa Vacations

All inclusive spa vacations can be booked as packages that include everything, beginning with your airfare from home. There are many different kinds of packages, whether to festivals around the world or safaris in Africa or the resort destinations of the Caribbean. Spa vacations can take you just about anywhere.

If you seek a tropical spa vacation, locations like Hawaii or the Caribbean are some of the best, but more exotic locales such as Thailand and Tahiti can also be amazing options.

For something more unusual, spa vacation packages in sub-Saharan Africa are quite apt to include a safari. This is actually unavoidable if you've been booked at the Thanda Private Game Reserve, which is located in Zululand of Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa. This is a beautiful property with luxurious rooms, suites, and tents as well as an extensive spa and wellness center with a variety of treatments provided throughout your stay. There is also horseback riding, bush walks, game drives, and even Indian Ocean fishing.

Of course, there are plenty of places in the United States that offer great spa vacation options as well. Las Vegas, while often known for its gambling and shows, also features an impressive array of spas at most of the large hotels right along the Strip. Or if you want something a little less commercial, look to places like Sedona, Arizona, where resorts like the Mii Amo Spa and Resort take advantage of this beautiful and spiritual place. These locations may include a show or treks into the surrounding desert.

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