Adult Only Vacations

Adult vacations are a well-deserved break for working couples or any parent who needs a little time away from the kids. While many places and resorts remain committed to being family-friendly vacation destinations, there are still many options that are proud to be known as adults only vacation spots. Whether you are a couple looking to get away somewhere relaxing or parents who need a serious break from the kids, couples vacations are the perfect excuse to reconnect and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. The type of trip is up to you, whether you want to ski or scuba, relax on the beach or the spa, hike through mountains or take a cooking course you will find a resort that specializes in adults only fun.

Adults Only Vacations
Adults Only Vacations

There are some vacations where the kids are best left at home. By planning couples vacations, you can spend time doing things you loved to do before you had kids. Picture yourself on a bicycle riding from vineyard to vineyard in Napa Valley or spending entire afternoons in a quiet museum. These indulgences are hard to enjoy with kids tagging along, so why not plan a romantic getaway instead? From the vineyards of Napa California to the history and museums of Rome Italy the difficult decision to make will be where, not if, to take your adults only trip. For the trip of a lifetime or a quick getaway, there are appropriate destinations around the globe.

Let’s start with some popular nearby destinations. When many travelers think adult vacations, they think of the beach. Some beaches are better suited for adults and have left specializing in families to other places. For chic restaurants and hot nightclubs, look no further than South Beach in Miami Florida. If you prefer something a little more relaxing, St Lucia is known for its dramatic landscape and relaxed environment. Book a suite at Jade Mountain Resort in St Lucia for a couples vacation that will make you never want to come home. Other popular beach choices include Hawaii, the British Virgin Islands, some areas of the Mexican coastline, and California. In wine country and beyond there are plenty of vacation resorts, vacation houses, and small romantic inns that specialize in setting the scene for couples to reconnect, making them perfect adults only vacation spots.

Other travelers might think of adult vacations in a global context. Europe remains one of the most romantic destinations on Earth, and there are many charming hotels that keep couples coming back year after year. Italy is arguably one of the most romantic places on the continent, and boutique hotels from Florence to Capri to Venice are the ideal backdrop for an intimate getaway. The debate about the most romantic places in Europe is sure to include the French capital of Paris, the sultry cities of Spain, the sun-drenched islands of Greece, and the crumbling cities of Portugal. All of these cities and countries offer romantic retreats that will provide history, fantastic cuisine, and an introduction to local culture.

Beyond Europe there are many more adults only vacation spots. The South Pacific is another popular choice for couples vacations. Fiji has earned a great reputation in recent years, especially for honeymoon vacations and anniversary celebrations. If you’ve always dreamed of a vacation with your own private beach and opportunities to scuba dive or go deep sea fishing, than Fiji is right for you. The private resort Turtle Island for example, has fourteen rooms that can accommodate fourteen couples on fourteen beaches at any given time. This kind of privacy is what many couples dream of. Beyond beaches there are many attractive choices as well: rent a cabin in the mountains outside of Lake Tahoe, take a cruise to see the glaciers in Alaska, or indulge in a cooking class in New Orleans. Just about any trip can be romantic—you just need to start your vacation planning to choose the right hotel and activities.

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