Vacation Apartments

Vacation apartments are often popular in cities, where they provide a comfortable and homey alternative to hotels while offering some of the best central locations for walking to major attractions. Often for the same price as a hotel room, you can enjoy the extended comfort and convenience of your own private apartment, and save on restaurant costs by cooking in the apartment kitchen.

Tel Aviv Israel might not be the first place you think of when considering renting vacation apartments, but this vibrant and modern city in the heart of the Middle East is one of the most exciting beach destinations in the world. Known as the gem of the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv combines the historical grandeur of the Biblical port of Jaffa with bustling modernity, urban beaches, trendy dining, and a cosmopolitan population. If you're exploring the Middle East and considering staying in Tel Aviv for a few days, renting one of the popular holiday apartments can be surprisingly affordable in a relatively expensive city, especially if you are traveling with a group of three or four other people. Check web listings for a vacation apartment rental available from many private owners, or an apartment provided by a company that specializes in such vacation rentals.

If you're planning a trip to the Big Apple, consider a vacation apartment rental as a convenient and affordable alternative to the sky-high prices of New York hotels. Spend a leisurely week in New York City checking out the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Statue of Liberty, and the latest Broadway shows, and go home at night just like a New Yorker to your vacation apartment rental. Many of these holiday apartments can fit four people, or more, with living, dining, and cooking areas, at prices comparable to a single hotel room. Self-catering service—that is, you buying food and cooking for yourself—can also save you a good deal of cash.

The Old World destinations in Europe are particularly popular for people looking for vacation apartments. Iconic cities such as Paris or Rome are popular destinations for people hoping to stay for a week or more, but not long enough to rent an apartment for long-term. Holidays, honeymoons, and language study trips are all good reasons to rent apartments in Europe for a week or two, and can shave hundreds of dollars off your accommodation expenses.

In Paris, for instance, there are hundreds of listings for holiday apartments in many central districts of the city, whether you want to stay near the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Champs Elysées, or the Louvre. Mostly privately owned, you can pick the sort of apartment that best suits your needs. Do you want a furnished art studio, or a three-bedroom place that will fit your family vacation? Would you like a garden, or a view of the Eiffel Tower from your rooftop? Any combination is possible when renting a holiday apartment from the hundreds of private homeowners in Paris.

In Sydney, Australia, many companies offer apartments with the service of a hotel. You and your family and friends can stay in a suite of rooms, including a kitchenette, living room and dining area, while enjoying housekeeping service, catering, and other luxurious amenities typical of hotels. These holiday rentals are surprisingly affordable, about the same cost as a hotel room. Quest Service Apartments is one company in Australia specializing in these services. Whether you’re specifically seeking cheap vacations or just want to feel at home in a new place, apartment rentals are some of the best vacation deals you’ll find anywhere, and no matter where you plan to go, it’s well worth looking into a few.

Cheap Apartment Rentals

Cheap Apartment Rentals

Cheap apartment rentals are usually abundant in famous urban centers where the only way to create housing is to build upward. These cheap vacation apartments can be found in larger cities like Bangkok where there is a huge array of choices, but they can also be found where there are fewer apartment complexes and buildings. Many experienced travelers know that renting an apartment for vacations can be far cheaper than getting a hotel room and the atmosphere is often much more private and quiet, too. Looking into cheap vacation apartments in Europe is especially popular, but apartments can also top the typical hotel stay in destinations world wide, from Rio de Janeiro to the Caribbean. Not only can it be far cheaper with far more frills, your own apartment affords many other ways to save aside from lower lodging fees.

The type of place to look for is referred to as a self-catering apartment. When you’re looking for cheap vacation apartments, self-catering lodging means you’ll do all the day-to-day chores, carry your own groceries up the stairs, open your own entryway doors and such. That also means that because you’re doing it all for yourself, your not paying for it. When trying to find cheap apartment rentals, always contact the owner or agency and inquire about discounts for longer-than-minimum stays. This is a common way to save ten to fifteen percent on you rate. If five nights is the minimum, often staying seven nights or more will equate into a pretty good deal. If you can coordinate this with a cheap car rental, you’ll be saving even more. Some places have no minimum and you can enjoy an apartment at a nightly rate.

In Buenos Aires Argentina, the chance at getting a very nice apartment for 20 to 35 USD is not a long shot. Generally, the lowest rates are for apartments that sleep only two people, but that's still a great deal and better than sleeping in a crowded, noisy hostel that can cost almost the same. Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires to look at include Recoleta, Palermo, and Balvanera which are all on the east side near the water. Try avoiding popular travel times like Spring Break and New Years. Another South American favorite, Peru, doesn't have as many holiday apartments as Argentina, but they can be found in cities like Lima and Cusco, two main tourist areas. From Cusco, visitors have access to a host of nearby attractions such as the many surrounding Inca ruins.

Exploring Rome can be extra special with inexpensive apartment. A cheap vacation apartment in Europe is a great way to delve into everyday life, essentially experiencing life as it would be living in Rome. Share in local heritage and traditions and experience many neighborhood events like street markets, celebrations, and free concerts. Cheap vacation apartments in Rome can be found in main central areas such as the neighborhood around the Spanish Steps, but they can also be on the outskirts which makes transportation a necessity. Always locate your rental of choice on a map before committing to it, but most European cities, including Rome, have great public transportation. Inexpensive lodging is located around Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and St Peter’s but you must book in advance. Remember that you get what you pay for. Though there are many cheap Rome apartments that are spotless and have kitchenettes and other convenient amenities, they are still mainly bare-bones and small.

Barcelona, along with Madrid, Malaga, and several other major Spanish cities, is renowned for cheap and cheery digs. Furniture is stylish and comfortable, amenities like laundry and stocked kitchens are convenient, and locations can be downright amazing. If a cheap vacation apartment in Europe is on your must-do list, Spain is highly worthy of a look. Keep in mind the best deals are usually either a very small place for two or a good-sized apartment that sleeps four. Bangkok is another great place to look if you're seeking good value for money but the bustling city isn't for everyone. Luxury apartments can come pretty cheap, especially outside of peak season between roughly April and September or even October. Try the shopping and business district of Silom and also Sukhumvit for great mid-range and high-end apartments.

Surprisingly, in the UK, and particularly in London, a great apartment in a solid location can be snagged up for a couple of hundred dollars a night in a city where a good hotel can be incredibly pricey. Though it sounds unreal, it is completely true to many a traveler’s delight. And these are not run-down places either. Though often on the smaller side, like studio or one-bedroom status, with separate living areas and well-designed kitchens, these little gems are a steal in a city renowned for high prices on almost everything. Budapest is another travelers hotspot and an exciting city to explore. Cheap apartment rentals in central Budapest are widely available. They can range in price quite a bit but there are definitely cheap vacation deals to be had.

So why book in a hotel if cheap apartment rentals are so abundant? Many tourists aren’t interested in reading countless reviews to find out what each apartment is really worth. Others tend toward hotels because of the added services and aid of onsite staff that offer advice, call taxis, make dinner reservations, and more. Others prefer the security of staying in a hotel that has 24-hour staff. Yet the adventurous and curious traveler that doesn’t need a lot of luxury or space will find that cheap apartments are a great way to stay and save. Though sifting through the endless lists of apartments to find the right one is time-consuming, the outcome can be more than worth the time.

Mediterranean Apartment Rentals

Mediterranean Apartment Rentals

Mediterranean apartment rentals can be an economic way to enjoy the many comforts of home during vacations in this world-renowned region. Mediterranean vacations are a time to kick back and relax, explore coastal towns and villages, eat like the locals do, and enjoy a well-designed lodging choice in a prime location. A luxury rental in the Mediterranean is more commonly found as a villa or estate, yet there are some seaview apartments featuring plenty of lavish details. From the Greek Islands to the shores of Italy and France to Meditteranean island such as Mallorca and Ibiza, apartment rentals might just be the best lodging for your next vacation. Simply consult a real estate agent specializing in overseas rentals, search specific rental websites, or try finding a private owner who might offer an irrefutable price.

Mediterranean apartment rentals are commonly found in Italy, Turkey, Spain, and France. There are also apartments available in Damascus, Haifa, and Beirut in Syria ideal for the adventurous kind seeking an exotic backdrop. Turkey is stocked with apartments and is a great place to find a luxury apartment rental in the Mediterranean. Two-bedroom rentals are most common in the Mediterranean region around Antalya and Kalkan where there are plenty of attractions such as beautiful Turkish beaches.

Many Mediterranean apartments in Turkey are located in exclusive high rises that offer terrific views as well as excellent floor plans and amenities like community swimming pools, valet services, onsite parking, and more. Similar to hotel services yet filled with many more benefits, a Turkish luxury apartment rental in the Mediterranean offers easy access to sailing, cruises, and colorful market bazaars.

Another good option for Mediterranean-focused tourists is to rent an apartment in Italy. One to three bedrooms are the most-widely offered. There are also many villas converted into smaller apartment units so owners can capitalize on their investments. These usually come with shared amenities like swimming pools and beautiful, landscaped gardens. They can be found all along the Mediterranean coastline, from San Remo to Genoa to Portofino and Vernazza in the Cinque Terre.

Most luxury Italian villas enjoy the best locations along the Mediterranean, but in bustling ports and other coastal cities, area residents often don’t have the luxury of spacious properties hence there are plenty of apartments. Choosing to rent an apartment in Italy can be the perfect plan if looking to stay near the coast in something more modest than a villa but a step up from a hotel. In Nettuno, a short train trip from Rome, there are many Mediterranean apartment rentals to choose from that are clean, spacious, and modern. Though they can cost upwards of a thousand per week, most also sleep at least four people, so lower costs apply when sharing.

To rent an apartment in Italy, Spain, France or any other area in the Mediterranean, it’s generally a good idea to rent a car to make getting around easier if your location is remote unless little to no travel is planned. Also, try to avoid the summer months, particularly between July and August when most Europeans are taking their own summer holidays. If you can’t steer clear of this season, try to book vacation packages for flights and car rentals to cut some of the price down. Though it will cost more, the benefits of a luxury apartment rental in the Mediterranean include saving on expensive dining costs by shopping at local markets, shops and butchers, and getting breakfast at local bakeries and pastry shops. With a per-person dining expense eating up a large chunk of fund, making your own meals can save a significant amount. Not only will you save, you’ll be exposed to local cuisine and cultural ways.

Luxury Apartment Rentals

Luxury Apartment Rentals

Luxury apartment rentals are fantastic for indulging in the finest, most lavish amenities available around the world. Though countless cosmopolitan cities are lauded for abundant luxury accommodations, the best luxury vacation apartment could also be in a secluded spot or one of the top beaches in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. When and where to find a luxury holiday apartment for vacations will depend on your own personal circumstances and your own vision of what luxury really is because it luxury can be a very subjective matter.

Europe vacation deals will get you closer to luxury apartment rentals than you might think. Though many travel companies are known for putting together exclusive packages including lodging at hotels, resorts, and other similar accommodations, there are others that specialize in private rentals. Much of the time it’s only the rental available, but some companies offer discounts on car rentals and flights when booking lodging through their business. This is a good method of cutting the cost of luxury apartment rentals. Cities like Paris, Berlin, Prague, and Madrid each offer a great variety of lavish penthouses, ritzy units in converted homes, and condo-style apartments. Indeed, if you are looking for a luxury vacation, the marvelous capital cities of Europe are great places to look—you will have the best restaurants and high-end shopping to go with your luxury lodging.

Another question to answer when trying to learn where to find a luxury holiday apartment is whether the preference is a serviced or non-serviced apartment building. A serviced apartment is sometimes also called a corporate apartment and these often cater to high-end business travelers. There are many advantages to choosing serviced apartments. Essentially, they are like five-star hotels only you have a large apartment rather than an oversized room. Some hotels do offer apartment-sized suites, yet high costs and taxes on premium hotel properties force a hefty rate for the privilege of some added space.

Serviced apartments include many of the same amenities and services a hotel would provide, including daily maid service, valet service, a doorman, a concierge desk, and other such luxuries. Enjoying these perks can raise the cost of even the best luxury vacation apartment. Often they also include flat-screen TVs, WiFi, high-end stereos and appliances, and high-count linens. A non-serviced apartment offers the advantage of a lower rate and the feel of a home environment rather than a hotel.

If your travel group is small, luxury apartment rentals are the ideal replacement for large, lavish villas or vacation houses yet still retain as much austerity as a larger place. Luxury apartments are often in some pretty great locations, too, like rooftops with gardens and grand views, something a private home will never afford. These locations, often called penthouses, offer privacy and sense of getting away from it all in big cities like New York, Paris, or London where the only solace found is skyward. In a location close to beaches, ocean and sea views are another perk. Cities like Prague and Rome are ideal spots to soak in high living while surrounded by historical sites.

The rarity and richness found in the best luxury vacation apartment is second to none. These private dwellings are often decorated with incredible adornments, high-end art work, and plenty of small, affluent details. In Spain, along the southern coast and specifically in Costa del Sol, luxury is all around. Some of Spain’s wealthiest residents keep private homes and apartments in prime locations, renting them out during the year. Where to find a luxury holiday in Spain will depend on what you want to do. Spain’s coastline is often the location of choice for scenic beauty, water-based activities and excursions, and plenty of golf, fine dining, and shopping. Marbella, Puerto Banus, Benalmadena, and Miraflores offer the most abundant choice when looking at Andalucia.

Frequently referring to classifieds from major, global newspapers is a great way to suss out some potential luxury digs for your next getaway. Looking locally can be a great way to procure a cheaper price then renting from an agency. Yet agencies also afford renters some very good deals, and if you’re looking for last minute vacations, you just might find an irresistible deal you’ll have to snag up before someone else does.

Last Minute Apartment Rentals

Last Minute Apartment Rentals

Last minute apartment rentals all over the world can be a great solution when booking last minute vacations. From an abundance of apartments throughout Spain, France, Portugal, and Ireland comes a variety of great options to choose from, and these all make excellent places to look for last minute apartments for last minute vacations. The best last minute vacation apartment can be virtually anywhere, but it can be wise to focus on areas that offer an abundance of apartment accommodations to ensure finding something suitable for your last minute dates.

Sacrificing some privacy to maximize choice is a good way to find last minute apartment rentals. For instance, if you’re a family of four traveling to Ireland and looking for a Belfast apartment, it can a good idea to look at one-bedroom apartments even if you prefer a two-bedroom unit so you can still fulfill your travel plans on budget. The other perk is you’ll save quite a bit more with one less bedroom. Last minute apartment rentals in the UK can be found in Scotland, particularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Prices here range widely but don't expect to pay less than 75 or 80 pounds per night for a small flat. Of course, London has many options as well, but expect to pay a premium.

The Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland, though a major tourist area, still offers fairly low lodging prices. The best deals are for families or larger groups but couples and singles can still find good deals. There are dozens of small apartments running up the coastline that are available inexpensively and equipped with kitchen essentials. Belfast tends to be expensive but there are still some good bargains around particularly in fall and early spring. Anyone traveling to Wales can look at Cardiff, Llandudno, and throughout South Wales for the best last minute vacation apartment. There are a multitude of flats for rent but the ratio of super-cheap ones is low. Also try for a mid-week deal.

Another way to find the best last minute vacation apartment is to sacrifice the best location for something comparable. While searching for what you really want, also keep an eye out for similar apartments in areas that aren’t as coveted. If you’re looking in central Paris, you’ll find many but they can be out of your price range, have too many bedrooms, or lack amenities required. By looking out for similar digs in areas within easy reach of the heart of Paris, you’ll maximize options, be in the general area, and save a bundle for avoiding Paris’s most highly acclaimed neighborhood. The neighborhood Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement is known for its Bohemian feel. It is also know for having some very cheap eats and accommodations in the city. The Latin Quarter offers more budget options and last minute apartment rentals in the 5th and also 6th arrondissements. Montparnasse and Oberkamf are two more areas that yield more cheap last minute apartment rentals.

Last minute apartment rentals in Italy are a fantastic way to live the dream of traveling Italian style, eating local delicacies, and exploring world-famous sites. There are several choice places to look for last minute apartment rentals. Rome, often thought of as an expensive destination, does have great apartments that sleep two to eight people. A small, clean and basic apartment in Rome, Venice, or Naples is a gem and these lodging choices get snapped up by thrifty travelers quickly. In Venice, areas like Castello, Santa Croce, San Polo, and San Marco are filled with choices but note they aren't very cheap. Apartments are most abundant in Castello. In Naples, studios, one to three bedroom apartments and lofts are common. A family of four can easily vacation in a one bedroom. Staying in an apartment in Florence is a possibility for last minute vacations, too. Scores of apartments are available, many in historical buildings. Rifredi, with its many residential zones, is a good option for finding last minute rentals. Searching for last minute apartments in Italy in central areas can be lucrative so don't count it out. Always look around before making concessions because travel deals have no boundaries. They can be anytime, anywhere.

The best last minute vacation apartment includes all the facilities you need to sleep well, cook your own meals, and be comfortable. To find the best last minute vacation apartment, focus on regions with many apartments to rent close to the things you want to do like snorkeling and diving, shopping and dining, or enjoying excursions and daily adventures. Though apartments are mostly in rural areas, Portugal can also be a wonderful place to visit and with a car rental, it’s simple to get around and explore the many magnificent attractions and historical sites. Portugal lays down a much cheaper bottom line when it comes to cost and that in itself makes the country a wise choice for cheap apartment rentals.

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