Best Adults Vacations

The best adults only vacations come in a variety of options, and once you have decided to leave the kids at home, you might be surprised at all the choices that are out there. Adult only travel has skyrocketed in recent years, and the travel industry has responded to this demand by creating a great variety of adults only cruises, resorts, tours, and more. While the best adult only travel is sure to be an individual choice, popular trips have emerged. Among the top 10 adults only destinations are islands in the Caribbean such as St Lucia, the romantic islands of Hawaii, and cruise tours of the Mediterranean. Pick your favorite, and get ready to sit back and relax in the soothing environment of a trip without kids.

Some travelers think the best adults vacations are cruises. These adults only cruise lines specialize in sophistication from the moment you board the ship. There won’t be any cartoon characters or children’s playgrounds in sight on these ocean liners. Instead, you can expect soothing spas, improved dining options, sleek bars, and quiet pools. This ranks in the list of best adult only travel because of the sheer range it covers. Whether you want to cruise the Caribbean, visit destinations along the coast of Mexico, gaze at the fjords of Norway, or tour the port cities of the Mediterranean, it is all possible on an adults only cruise.

Of all the destinations, a constant in the top 10 adults only destinations are the islands of Hawaii, particularly Maui, which is well known for its intimate atmosphere. One of the most popular romantic destinations, especially for honeymoons or anniversary celebrations, Hawaii delivers on secluded beaches and intimate atmosphere. Because Hawaii is so accustomed to providing for honeymooners, resorts have developed incredible packages that will bring great value and experience to your trip. Whether you’re interested in surfing lessons, a history tour, or an invigorating hike, you will be pleased at everything Hawaii has to offer adults.

If you love getting a good bargain, then the best adults vacations will be the all inclusive adults only trips. Whether you choose a private ski cabin somewhere in the mountains of Colorado or a villa on the beach in the Caribbean, an all inclusive package can remove any hassle from your trip. Besides helping you to budget accordingly, all inclusive trips will add value to your trip. Keep your eye on upgrades as well – these options often allow visitors who are interested in activities, excursions, or specific hobbies to include even more in their package for a good price. Last minute all inclusive packages are another thing for the bargain hunter to look for.

The best adult only travel delivers on peace and quiet. The absence of kids will leave opportunities to enjoy the atmosphere, so be sure to pack along your favorite books or magazines and sit back and enjoy the sunshine. The top 10 adults only destinations will be largely influenced on your interests, so a little research is in order. For fishing, look into the quiet islands of the Bahamas. For scuba diving, the Cayman Islands can’t be beat. To try your luck at the casino and gourmet cuisine, head to Aruba. There is one thing to beware of: Once you try an adults only environment, you may never go back to a hotel where families are welcome again!

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