Best Last Minute Vacation Spots

Best last minute vacation spots touch on the immediate needs of travelers, whether this means an active getaway or simply a restful interlude. Destinations such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City provide an excellent backdrop for an exciting weekend getaway while New York City is tried, tested, and true for diverse shopping adventures. History buffs might consider an old European capital for the best last minute travel while last minute Asia vacations throw an exotic touch into the mix. The Caribbean is one of the top 10 last minute vacation destinations because within it, there is an island perfect for everyone and affordable all inclusive resorts scattered throughout sun-soaked beaches.

Some of the best last minute vacation spots are in tropical locations sought out by cold climate residents. If you’ve got some time off for spring break or other school holidays and decide to head off on a last minute vacation, you’ll have your work cut out for you, especially if you’re planning last minute tropical vacations. Yet don’t let that deter you. The world is a big place and there’s always a vacation spot to be found, just be sure not to idealize your getaway before you book it. Places such as Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, The Bahamas, and Jamaica still stand strong as popular Spring Break destinations.

Each year there are several stand-out destinations that are popular with travelers. While some destinations drop as favored spots, others stand out for specific qualities. Many top publications survey large groups of travelers to find out about the hottest new travel destinations. These can be ranked in many different ways, including best value, best beach destination, best places for history, and richest cultural experiences. There are top party spots each year, too. Spring Break hot spots tend to stay the same, such as Cancun, which generally stands strong as a school break destination each year, as do several exciting cities in Mexico. Developing countries tend to offer travelers great value for their dollars, including Thailand, Malaysia, and many countries in Africa. Travel trends can also be found in newspaper travel sections and through trusted travel agents. Talking to friends or family who have recently traveled is another good way to get some ideas for best last minute vacation spots.

Europe can be the best last minute travel option. Abundant history, stunning architecture, trendy hot spots, excellent shopping, and a bounty of epicurean delights are found in many distinct European countries. Rome can make a great getaway for history and architecture buffs. Food-lovers take to Italy easily and discover there are a wide array of choices beyond eating. A nice vacation house in the countryside could be an ideal retreat for the family. Or a shopping trip to Milan with the girls is another exciting option. Italy is one of the top 10 last minute vacation destinations for a medley of fun activities. Spain, Ireland, France, and the Czech Republic each much to offer both singles and families.

Flights to the best last minute vacation spots can be either cheap or expensive, depending on the destination and time period. Sometimes there is an art to snagging up great deals—try playing with dates and flight times if you’re flexible enough— while other times deep discounts can fall into your lap. If you’re really willing to fly in the very last minute, the best last minute travel deals can be those few seats left on the flight that need a passenger. Use the Destination360 booking tool to compare deals across many travel booking sites. Another way to pick up cheap flights is to use any frequent flyer miles you might have. Both special airline programs and certain credit cards offer points to redeem when purchasing flights. You don’t have to rack up a ton of points to enjoy some savings either. Even if your points don’t buy a full flight, they can often be used to lower the final cost.

Within North America, ski resorts have long-been part of the top 10 last minute vacation destinations. There are quiet spots, party spots, and many in between. Jackson Hole, Wyoming; the many ski resorts in Colorado; and Canada’s Whistler Blackcomb top the list of best ski resorts for a getaway. On its own, Colorado boasts three excellent ski resorts: Crested Butte, Breckenridge, and Winter Park. A swift retreat to Canada means skiing in the Rockies in picture-perfect places like Jasper, Banff, and Vancouver. Montana also has its share of family friendly resorts with slopes ranging from bunny hills to pro runs.

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