Caribbean Cruise Vacations

Caribbean cruise vacations offer travelers a variety of selections for destinations, on-board amenities, and shore excursions. Among the most popular cruise vacations in the world, many are in the Caribbean, as the region is known for its beautiful scenery and great combination of laid-back culture and lively outdoor activities. Depending on how long your vacation time is, there are a handful of both cheap and luxury Caribbean cruise options, most of which are between a week and two weeks, though longer and shorter trips are available as well. There are also a variety of cruise lines heading to this part of the world, meaning that distinctive options such as family cruise vacations, adults only cruises, and honeymoon cruises are there to choose among. In short, it’s easy to plan a vacation that’s personalized and memorable if you decide on a cruise to the Caribbean.

As the world’s fifth-largest body of water and home to more than 7,000 islands, the Caribbean Sea offers a great range of vacation ideas. There are a few major regions of the Caribbean Sea, with the eastern and western areas drawing the most visitors. The southern Caribbean, which stretches down to the coast of South America, is also a popular vacation destination, but sometimes less so for the cruise liners. First time cruisers or those who just love the typical seven-day cruises are likely to find themselves at popular ports on Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the Riviera Maya in Mexico, among other destinations.

Other options for the best cruises to the Caribbean offer different destinations from the most iconic islands in the region, traveling through such ports and Puerto Rico, St Thomas, and St Martin. Fewer crowds and more pristine natural settings are the attractive features of the southernmost region of the Caribbean Sea. Here, islands such as Dominica are known for their unspoiled wilderness. These aren’t the best destinations if you want to be pampered at a luxury resort, but if you want a glimpse of the local culture, this type of cruise vacation might be perfect for you. Some of the best cruises to the Caribbean for adventurous travelers also include stops in Central or South America, including in Belize and if you’re on a longer journey, the Galapagos Islands near Ecuador, after a trip through the Panama Canal, of course.

When planning a luxury Caribbean cruise, there are a number of factors to consider, and aside from location, many vacationers have a limited time to enjoy a refreshing vacation, so choosing the right itinerary is an essential part of the process. One of the most advantageous things about Caribbean cruise vacations is that the Caribbean Sea is quite close to the US mainland, so vacationers with only a few days can relish an exquisite holiday on a luxury Caribbean cruise, without needing to spend several days on the ship just traveling to their destination. For travelers who have a longer vacation period, such as a full two weeks, some of the best cruises to the Caribbean are the leisurely ones that stop at a wide variety of ports and give you loads of time to relax. Thanks to the variety of itineraries on offer, no matter where in the region you go, Caribbean cruise vacations are a great option for almost any traveler.

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