Best Caribbean Family Vacations

The best Caribbean family vacations come in a variety of types, and there are options for top-notch places to stay throughout the islands. Family trips to the Caribbean are available on cruise ships as well as at resorts, and often vacationers with children can opt for all inclusive family trips, which allow you to keep track of your vacation budget and have a truly stress-free experience, as all the fees are paid up front. Throughout the year and especially during the low travel seasons, there are tons of deals on Caribbean family vacation destinations, including packages with cruises and resorts, meaning that no matter what your budget, you can plan a tropical vacation with your family with relative ease.

One of the most appealing aspects of family trips to the Caribbean is that it is far enough of a destination to be considered exotic and for many people in North America, it is still quite close to home, which helps assure a family-friendly price tag. Whether you’re visiting one island or several, the best Caribbean family vacations all invite travelers to experience unique environments and beautiful settings. The Caribbean Sea covers a vast variety of cultures, landscapes, and countries, from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to the Bahamas to the northern shores of Venezuela in South America, allowing visitors to experience a wealth of the world’s traditions and civilizations, modern and ancient alike.

Choosing between a cruise and a stationary resort for your family trip all depends on how you want to spend your time. Family-oriented cruises can easily be booked all inclusive, meaning guests are provided with everything they need. Although you’ll spend most of your time on the ship, the trip will be far from boring, as large cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival focus on entertainment. There are swimming pools, kids clubs, and often video arcades where the children can relax. In particular, Caribbean family vacation cruises on Disney ships are geared toward younger passengers, or anyone who’s a kid at heart.

All inclusive resorts are also terrific family-friendly environments, as they have kids’ activities and clubhouses that can give parents a break, as well as activities that are fun for guests of all ages, such as snorkeling. There are great family resorts around the islands, including hot spots in Barbados, Jamaica, and Aruba. The Amaryllis Beach Resort in Barbados is particularly known as being one of the best Caribbean family vacation destinations, as it has a great kids club and a lot of beach space, as well as a kid-friendly menu in the restaurant.

In Jamaica, the Sunset at the Palms resort in Negril, is a great spot for family trips to the Caribbean; it has a playground, arts and crafts activities, computer games, and even storytelling hours. Very young children stay for free, and the resorts wooden cottages are sure to evoke an exciting and almost fairy-tale atmosphere. At the FDR in Runaway Bay, there are vacation nannies to help with the babysitting, a kid-friendly beach and pool, donkey rides, and even costume parties for the kids. The cabins also include in-suite kitchens, which can help you prepare food for your family on your own schedule.

Whether you’re off to the Bahamas, Costa Rica, or somewhere in between, there are plenty of deals on Caribbean family vacation destinations for the taking. It just takes a bit of research and a few decisions on your budget, where to go, and how to get there, and you can easily be off on the trip of a lifetime.

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