Honeymoons in the Caribbean

Honeymoons in the Caribbean should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for romance. From smaller, intimate islands such as St Lucia or St Thomas to popular destinations like the Bahamas, Bermuda, or Jamaica, the Caribbean is filled with unspoiled beaches that are perfect for honeymoons. While the best Caribbean honeymoon destination is a hotly debated topic, the truth is that each island caters to different types of travelers. The first decision to make is what you want to do on your trip—enjoy water sports, lounge on the beach, or sample local cuisine, among other possibilities. This will help you narrow down your choices for an unforgettable honeymoon in the Caribbean.

Budget travelers will have many options to choose from, including a cheap honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean. There are many benefits of choosing a cruise vacation, including being able to see multiple islands during one trip and an all inclusive price package for your honeymoon. A cheap honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean is perfect for the couple that wants to try many different activities as well. It is possible to spend one day shopping, one day sunbathing, and another kayaking. Although excursions aren’t typically included in the price of a package, they are a great way to get away from the boat and get to know the individual character of each island.

Many honeymoons in the Caribbean take advantage of adults only destinations. Some resorts in the Caribbean are designed for families, while others don’t allow children and are centered on romance. Everything from large soaking tubs to more space between tables in the restaurants will help to set the mood during your trip. For some travelers, the best Caribbean honeymoon destination is the one that offers the most privacy. For example, Jade Mountain Resort in St Lucia is known for its stunning suite, private pools, and incredible beaches. If you’re looking for a spectacular atmosphere, luxury, and the space to connect with your partner, one of these properties is an ideal choice.

A cheap honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean isn’t the only way to do an all inclusive package. There are many resorts that also offer all inclusive packages. While couples will normally be able to find an all inclusive deal that adds value to their trip, this is even better when it comes to honeymoons. Resorts have thought and revised every detail of their honeymoon packages, which means that you will benefit from their experience. Honeymoons in the Caribbean will be even more special when you enjoy spa treatments together, indulge in gourmet meals, and have a bottle of champagne on ice when you return to the room.

Each year there is a new best Caribbean honeymoon destination depending on what is new and hot. Some travelers choose to follow the trends and the latest openings, while others prefer to go with resorts that have established track records. The choice is an individual one, but travelers looking for value might want to avoid the new and hot resorts as they rarely offer discounts or high-value package deals. If you’re considering honeymoons outside of the Caribbean, other popular beach honeymoon choices include Hawaii and the Mexican coast

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