Caribbean Vacations

Caribbean vacation destinations are the dream for many travelers, inspiring images of paradise: perfect beaches, luxury hotels, and shimmering azure waters. Luckily, there’s more than one place for this type of getaway, and it’s possible to plan cheap vacations, family vacations, and luxury trips to the Caribbean. Among the top 10 Caribbean vacation spots include the sun-drenched beaches of the Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Barbados, Anguilla, and the British Virgin Islands, among others.

Caribbean Vacations
Caribbean Vacations

Cruise vacations are a popular way to get here, but whether you play to arrive by land or sea to your choice of Caribbean vacation destinations, expect beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and sumptuous cuisine. These factors are the reason destination weddings and honeymoons are so popular here. Out of the top 10 Caribbean vacation spots, choose the one that best fits your needs and itinerary, in terms of how you want to spend your time.

When choosing from the variety of Caribbean vacation destinations available, do your research, such as through the booking widget on this page, to find the best vacation deals for accommodations, amenities, and transportation. Whether the packages are for all-inclusive vacations including flight and accommodations or for cruise vacations, choose the best option to fit your vacation itinerary.

One of the top 10 Caribbean vacation spots for beautiful beaches and romantic settings is St. Lucia. For tropical vacations, this is the perfect place with warm and sunny weather year-round, and it’s not just a great beach destination, as you’ll also find the twin mountain peaks of The Pitons, miles of challenging hiking and biking trails, waterfalls, and a 19,000-acre rainforest. St Lucia has several outstanding hotels, such as the Almond Morgan Bay Resort situated on 22-acraes of hillside sloping down to the beach in a secluded cove. The resort is just three miles from the capital of Castries and 25 miles from the Hewanorra International Airport.

Another one of the best Caribbean destinations for tropical vacations is Turks and Caicos, particularly if you’re looking for a secluded romantic getaway. The undeveloped area of the islands provides visitors with some of the finest beaches found in the world, and you can see dolphins and whales as they make their way through the open waters. Local cuisine and traditional music are a highlight of vacations here, and luxury accommodations such as the Atlantic Ocean Beach Villas along Grace Bay Beach rank very high on the world’s list of top resorts

In addition, St Kitts and Nevis comprise another set of two islands that are considered to be among the best Caribbean destinations are St. Kitts and Nevis. A two-mile channel separates the two islands allowing visitors to enjoy the mountains, woodlands, and rainforests of St. Kitts before crossing the channel to Nevis and exploring hidden coves along pink-sand beaches. Stay at the Banyan Tree Bed and Breakfast to enjoy the peace and quiet of the island or stay at Christophe Harbour’s Bungalows at Turtle Beach with luxury bungalows overlooking the Caribbean each with its own marble bath, plunge pool, and seaside cabana.

For underwater enthusiasts, the five-mile volcanic island of Saba is the premier location for undersea exploration. The island, surrounded by the Saba Marine Park, has over two-dozen diving and snorkeling sites to view coral gardens and numerous fish species. The reserve has areas for anchoring a boat and fishing. Accommodations in Saba include El Momo Cottages where you can enjoy the view of the sea while relaxing in your own hammock.

These are only a few of the best Caribbean destinations, and whether you’re interested in the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, or the US Virgin Islands, you’re sure to find plenty of options to plan your dream getaway. And with the array of all inclusive vacations available, this is also one of the world’s best regions for stress-free travel.

Caribbean Vacation Houses

Caribbean Vacation Houses

Caribbean vacation houses are a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to take a beach vacation in their own hands. The Caribbean has been a hot tourist destination for decades for a very good reason. The golden beaches, warm climate all year round, great food and drink, and hundreds of exciting things to do, make the islands in the Caribbean Sea an exceptional vacation destination.

A Caribbean vacation rental home can come in many shapes and sizes. There are hundreds of privately owned properties, and most of the tourist-accessible islands will have at least a handful of these properties. They range from budget beach huts to family homes and luxury accommodations, so if you want to rent a house in the Caribbean, you get a lot of choices in the private home market. In some cases, you can deal directly with the home owner, after finding their details through a local tourist office. Alternatively, you can contact the travel organization in that area and they will give you a list of these private properties. Many of these properties are beach home rentals, which you will find not only in the main tourist islands, such as Cuba and Jamaica, but also on the less commercial islands such as the Out Islands of the Bahamas.

If you want a Caribbean vacation rental home that comes with all the services and amenities of a hotel room, but with the added privacy and flexibility, then you may find it easier to opt for a Caribbean villa. The Caribbean has a large number of vacation resorts, and many of these offer villas as well as hotel rooms. Some of these villas, despite being in a tourist zone, have their own private beaches and are relatively secluded, ideal for those looking for Caribbean vacation houses with a sense of privacy. The Bahamas, in particular, has a stunning selection of these villas, provided by the likes of the Bimini Bay Resort and Marina on Bimini Island, or the legendary One and Only Club on Paradise Island. The smaller Caribbean islands, such as Dominica and Barbados, also have a large number of villas attached to resorts, offering your very own private island experience, some of which provide amenities such as maid service and airport transfers.

Searching for Caribbean vacation houses in Cuba and the Dominican Republic is a slightly different process. Large areas of these larger islands are not populated with resorts. Many travelers head to these destinations for the historical and cultural sights and attractions. Cuba, for example, has many apartment vacation houses in and around the main cities of Havana and Trinidad. However, travelers who want to really get to grips with the life of an average Cubano in this country of revolution, cigars, and salsa rhythms, often head for the variety of privately owned residences outside of the main cities and towns.

Many cruisers rent a house in the Caribbean in the town or city from which their cruise will depart. Caribbean cruises are very popular and have regular routes and departures, and there a number of embarkation ports within easy access of vacation homes. Puerto Rico, Havana, Nassau, Fort Lauderdale, and Cancun are some of the most common port stops on these cruises.

Caribbean Timeshares

Caribbean Timeshares

Caribbean timeshares are found not only on the islands that dot this balmy tropical sea from Cuba and Puerto Rico to the northern coast of Venezuela. You can also find them along the coast of Central America, from as far north as Belize to Panama in the south. The beautiful country of Costa Rica has the most highly developed tourism infrastructure in Central America; it is an extremely popular vacation destination and a rapidly growing retirement haven for "baby boomers" from the United States. A cheap Caribbean timeshare on the mainland will be found most readily in Mexico, and you can find good Mexico timeshares especially around the Cancun area. In Mexico, as in any very popular vacation destination, do be wary of people on the street offering "too good to be true" offers on property and other scams that proliferate where there are many tourists.

The most well-known Caribbean timeshares can be found on many of the islands that are popular vacation destinations. These include Anguilla, known for its over-the-top luxury beach resorts and opulent villas, the romantic honeymoon spot of Jamaica, the numerous flashy resorts of the Bahamas, and several other islands. Purchasing a timeshare in Puerto Rico (a United States territory) has the advantage of being largely subject to US laws and regulations, adding a layer of protection to the important decision of purchasing vacation real estate. Aruba is a definite hotspot and popular with anyone seeking out timeshares.

One of the smartest ways to find Aruba timeshares that retain the greatest value and are safest from the numerous scams is to look for reputable resorts that are in reliably popular vacation destinations. This is true when looking for any timeshares. Good franchises to look for are Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, and Starwood. Marriott has two of these on beautiful Palm Beach just north of the capital of Oranjestad—The Marriott Ocean Club and the Marriott Surf Club. Accommodations in these two properties make an excellent luxury Aruba timeshare rental if you are not in the market for purchasing your own.

One of the advantages of a luxury Aruba timeshare rental at a resort franchise like the Marriott Vacation Club (the name of their timeshare program) is the ability to utilize their many properties located around the world. Marriott (as well as Hilton, Hyatt, and similar chains) have the resorts in places as far flung as Thailand, Europe, the east coast of the United States, Las Vegas, California, and even Hawaii timeshares.

Another advantage of Aruba timeshares at resorts like the Marriott is that you can spend a week or so in a fully furnished and fully equipped luxury Aruba timeshare rental and still receive all the benefits of a resort—from multiple swimming pools and dining options to daily housekeeping service and spas, fitness centers, and nightlife. Cheaper Aruba time shares and vacation rentals are also available at smaller properties that do not have as many extensive facilities as the larger chain properties. You can try Aruba beaches that are closer to Orangejstad or on other parts of the island. The Casa del Mar (also on Palm Beach) is a good three-star property with one- and two-bedroom suites. This is in the "low-rise" section of Palm Beach, as opposed to the "high-rise" section, which has the highest concentration of nightlife, dining options, and shops. Still, you will be located right across the street from one of the Aruba casinos and can rent a car for excursions to other parts of the island.

If you want to stay on the mainland of the United States, you can find Caribbean timeshares on the southern tip of Florida. You will find many timeshare affiliated resorts in the Florida Keys, especially around Key Largo.

Caribbean Resorts

Caribbean Resorts

Caribbean resort vacations have everything a vacationer could want when it comes to luxury accommodations and amenities, combined with tropical temperatures, beautiful beaches, and plenty of entertainment. Whether traveling by air or cruise ship to your destination, Caribbean resort vacations afford guests a wide variety of choices in the types of amenities and activities available.

One of the best features about a trip to the Caribbean is that you can tailor the vacation itinerary to suit your style pretty exactly. Travelers will find luxury resorts that are designated for adults only, some that offer au natural options, spa resorts offering massages and other treatments, and resorts with casinos for those interested in trying their luck at the gaming tables. There are also resorts that are family-friendly and offer child care and activities specifically for children.

The best resort vacations in the Caribbean are found throughout the islands, and you’ll find some of the top Caribbean luxury resorts in the US Virgin Islands, the Bahamas, the Caribbean coast of Mexico, Jamaica, and Turks and Caicos, though these are far from the only options.

The Bahamas is one of the classic destinations for a tropical vacation, and resorts such as Atlantis, which is located in Nassau on Paradise Island, provide an assortment of luxury rooms and suites for your comfort as well as an exciting casino venue with 90 gaming tables that include blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette for your entertainment. The resort has several different towers offering hundreds of rooms right on Paradise Beach, and if you’re trying to get an especially good value on your room rate, Atlantis Bahamas has travel packages that can include companion airfare and free nights, among other perks.

Another of the top Caribbean luxury resorts is located in Turks and Caicos: the Parrot Cay Resort & Spa. Parrot Cay is an exclusive five-star resort accessible only by small boat. The elegant resort and its holistic spa cater to the well being of its guests. You have your choice of accommodations in rooms, suites, or a private beach houses with pool. Guests have access to two on-site restaurants, swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, and a library with a large book collection, internet, TV, pool tables, and gaming consoles.

Jamaica is another popular destination, and one of the most unusual of the top Caribbean luxury resorts is located in Negril. The Caves resort is perched on limestone cliffs with beautiful views of the Caribbean, and this all-inclusive oceanfront sanctuary offers private cave dining, cave rum and cigar bar, and spa. The best Caribbean resort deals available from the Caves typically include a summer escape special, honeymoon or romance package, and spa packages. The resort is for adults only, meaning it’s popular among honeymooners or anyone looking for a secluded and quiet getaway.

Mexico also has its fair share of the best Caribbean resort deals, as you get a lot for your money here, no matter where you go. At the Maroma Resort & Spa, located 30 miles from Cancun, you will escape into the quiet atmosphere of this small resort bordered by lush jungle and sparkling beaches. Guests can relax in the sauna or pool, sunbathe on the beach, meander through the gardens, or for more physical activities, cool off with an swim to the coral reef, snorkel or scuba dive or go parasailing on the beach.

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