Caribbean Villas

Caribbean villas provide places to stay in a location with endless blue skies, inviting seas, and warm weather from January through December. While you're spending time enjoying the lovely scenery of the islands, you can step away from the everyday and enjoy accommodations with style when staying in luxury villas, apartment rentals, or cozy little bungalows on the beach. Whether you make reservations for villas in Jamaica, a bungalow in the Virgin Islands, or a vacation rental somewhere else, you'll be in for a wonderful tropical vacation.

No matter the size, a St John villa rental in the US Virgin Islands opens up a world of possibilities—one filled with bright blue skies, beautiful beaches, and life that moves at a slower pace. Whether spending a lazy afternoon on the front porch or enjoying the island's vibrant nightlife, you'll be experiencing a vacation on your own terms if you rent a villa. Whatever your plans entail, its nice to have a place to anchor and gear up for another day's adventure. A variety of Caribbean villas are scattered throughout the outpost of the US Virgin Islands, suitable for all kind of budgets. If you're looking for a cozy bungalow that's easy on the wallet or a grand home fit for a king, you can find it under the Caribbean sun.

Some islands only have have a few vacation rentals here and there on the beach, but St John has many more options for villa rentals. You could choose a St John villa rental nestled in a tiny fishing village or one that's part of vibrant beachfront resort. If you're particularly interested in staying along the beach, it's smart to make reservations well in advance because these Caribbean villas are rather popular.

If you don't pick a St John villa rental in steps of the beach, you often can save some money. It's quite easy to get around in the US Virgin Islands, so it's not a big deal to pick vacation rentals away from the coast. When budgets are not as tight, plenty of St John luxury villas will provide an elegant backdrop for a Caribbean getaway. Many of these villas have an abundance of style and amenities, including big-screen plasma TVs, kitchens fit for a chef, and multiple bedrooms. Some even have private pools and professional housekeeping service included in rental fee, and beautiful sunsets and cool Caribbean breezes are always free no matter where you stay.

St John is just the beginning of places to look for for Caribbean villa rentals. Its neighbors in the US and British Virgin Isles, including St Croix, have plenty of beautiful beaches and beach villas for rental. Beyond the Virgin Islands, you'll find many places where you can spend your vacation to the islands. If you're looking for something special and something a little different than a boxy room in a hotel tower, you'll be pleasantly surprised by upgrading to a villa, even if it's one of the cheap villa rentals.

Villas in Jamaica, whether nestled on the quiet beaches of the north coast or located in the midst of an exciting resort, set the backdrop for all types of Caribbean vacations. Perennially popular for weddings and honeymoons, this laid-back island is lovely in all four seasons. Even the winter is warm and sunny here. Whatever time of year you choose to come soak in the sun, staying at one of the villas in Jamaica will be a smart and relaxing choice. Even something as simple as enjoying breakfast on the porch seem even more special when you're spending time in the Caribbean. The rest of the day, you can explore what Jamaica has to offer—both on and off the beach—before returning to your comfortable accommodations in the middle of paradise.

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