Cheap Beach Vacation Spots

Cheap beach vacation spots can be on classic mile-long stretches of sugary white sand shaded by tropical palm trees on Fiji, camping on Wells Beach on the rugged coast of Maine, or relaxing in a hotel in Nice during a luxury vacation on the glittering French Riviera—or anything in between. In short, cheap beach trip destinations can be anywhere in the world. Where you go all depends on where you are located and the kind of experience you're looking for.

For many, the best budget beach trips are those that are closest to home and convenient for a quick weekend getaway. If you live in the United States, you have thousands of choices for cheap vacations, virtually all of which offer cheap beach vacation spots with various types of accommodations and activities. You can enjoy the Pacific Ocean beaches while staying in a charming bed and breakfast inn in Monterey, California or the Atlantic Ocean in a beach cabin on one of the Georgia beaches. You can rent a houseboat to cruise from beach to beach on Lake Havasu in Arizona or chill out in a beachside motel on the Florida coast. Other great destinations worth looking into include Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, the rest of the California coast, and the Oregon coast as well. While Pacific beaches are not always great for swimming, they are beautiful and often feature and array of things to do.

You have a similar choice of cheap beach trip destinations on every other continent except Antarctica. For those seeking the exotic, it is cheap tropical vacations that beckon. While many of the South Pacific islands are known for their luxury accommodations, there are several, including Guam and American Samoa, where you can still find bargains. Another of the best budget beach trips for the exotic is Southeast Asia. Thailand, with its idyllic Phuket Island, has been popular with backpackers since hippies first showed up here in the 1960s. Vietnam, with miles of lovely beaches is an emerging destination, with numerous cheap hotels and beach resorts. Malaysia has a number of cheap beach vacation spots that are particularly good for families.

Cheap beach trip destinations that are both exotic and closer to home can be found in the Caribbean. Islands such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. All of these countries have a good range of inexpensive accommodations from vacation rentals perfect for small groups to all inclusive resorts, all excellent properties to help on conserving your budget. Newer destinations along the coast of Central America can also be quite affordable. Look to Roatan Island in Honduras and eco lodges on Tortuguero Beach and Antonio Beach in Costa Rica. Further south, you can find good bargains in South America, particularly in Brazil along the less developed resorts north of Rio de Janeiro.

Many of the best budget beach trips can be had as vacation packages. These can be great bargains, as you will save money with deeply discounted air fares and cheaper hotel rates that tour operators can obtain by buying in bulk. You can also save money while traveling to exotic spots far from home if you travel during the off season. For instance, there are very low rates available in Hawaii during the summer. Ironically, this off season brings you not only better prices, but also the most predictably pleasant weather. Summer is peak season for the beaches of Europe, and taking spring vacations or fall vacations to places such as Ibiza off the coast of Spain, the Tuscany coast of Italy, and the Greek Islands in the Mediterranean give you cheaper rates and fewer crowds. Additionally, traveling to emerging markets can be a great money saver. Exciting newer destinations have become more accessible in Eastern Europe since the fall of the Iron Curtain, particularly along the Adriatic coast of countries like Croatia and Slovenia.

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