Cheap Mediterranean Vacation Spots

Cheap Mediterranean vacation spots are spread over a very wide area that includes the mainland of the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as numerous islands. Even Middle East countries (technically part of the continent of Asia) have areas where cheap vacations in the Mediterranean are possible. The Israeli cities of Haifa and Netanya both boast lovely beaches and affordable beach hotels. Head a bit further north to Turkey, and you will find wonderful undiscovered beaches around the resort vacation regions of the beautiful Turquoise Coast.

Turkey, in fact, is an ideal jumping off point for cheap Mediterranean travel in the form of cruise vacations of all types. Many international cruise lines make port stops in Istanbul, and (for even cheaper cruises) there is frequent ferry service between the Turkish west coast and the Greek Islands of Rhodes, Chios, and Kos. You can enjoy cheap vacations in the Mediterranean in this area without ever sleeping in a hotel. Small sailing yacht charters, both crewed and bareboat, are very popular here. They can be very attractively priced, especially if you are traveling on a family vacation or with a small group that can take over the entire boat. Another of the cheap Mediterranean vacation spots on the Greek Islands is Mykonos, famed for its nightlife and magnificent Paradise Beach.

Other islands where cheap Mediterranean travel is possible include Sicily and Sardinia (both part of Italy), Cyprus (an independent republic partially claimed by Turkey), Corsica (part of France), and Crete (one of the Greek Islands). You will find everything from magnificent Byzantine churches and ancient Greek ruins to miles of pristine white sand beaches on these islands, and there are plenty of charming bed and breakfasts, guest houses, vacation rentals, and cheap hotels to satisfy anyone's budget.

The Balearic Islands (part of Spain) also provide cheap vacations in the Mediterranean on Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. Look especially for Palma de Mallorca on Majorca for a wide variety of inexpensive hotels, and on Ibiza for the kind of cheap accommodations that satisfy the young people who come here for the island's legendary hedonistic nightclubs and party atmosphere. On the Spanish mainland, Barcelona, Marbella, and Valencia all offer pensions and budget hotels on lovely beaches at very affordable prices.

Perhaps the most exotic cheap Mediterranean travel can be found on the mainland of Africa. The cost of goods and services in both Egypt and Morocco are quite low, meaning you receive great value for your vacation dollar at resorts in Tangier (just across the Straits of Gibraltar from Spain) and seafront accommodations in Alexandria.

Cheap Mediterranean vacation spots can also be found all along the western coast of Italy, which includes the Italian Riviera and Tuscany; the southern coast of France, which includes the most famous part of the French Riviera; and the tiny Principality of Monaco. These regions are, of course, known as spots for luxury Mediterranean vacations. However, there are excellent bargains to be had in inexpensive hotels (many of which are in lovely historic buildings), reasonably priced villas and other vacation home rentals, and charming family operated pensions. An advantage of enjoying your vacation on these mainland destinations is the convenient transportation available. Roads and highways are excellent, meaning car rentals make economic sense. Train service from all over Europe is fast, convenient, and cheap. And inexpensive ferries are available to numerous other destinations.

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