Cheap Vacations in Mexico

Cheap Vacations in Mexico
Cheap Vacations in Mexico

Cheap vacations in Mexico have been popular with Americans for more than 100 years. The country is the number one destination in Latin America for tourists from the United States who are planning cheap vacations, and has been since before World War II. It is easy to get to, and until recently, Americans did not even need a passport to travel there. The cost of goods and services is very low, and a cheap Mexican vacation is able to provide beautiful beaches, pleasant balmy weather throughout the year, Spanish colonial architecture and Old World atmosphere, and fabulous ethnic food—all at reasonable prices.

During and just after World War II, cheap vacations in Mexico became very popular with the large numbers of military personnel and their families who were stationed in the naval and marine bases in San Diego. It was possible, as it is now, to get across the border quickly for a short break in Tijuana or Ensenada and spend very little money. Later, these border towns became popular with college students and other young people as places to party—a tradition that continues today. Soon, the entire Baja Peninsula and Cabo San Lucas began to draw visitors, who had discovered the great deep sea fishing and pristine Mexico beaches. Once the beaches became popular, it was not long before people began looking for cheap trips to Cancun and Plaza Maya on the east coast and the western beaches between Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta.

Cancun was the first beach resort in the country, with development begun in 1970. Cheap trips to Cancun were possible from the beginning, because of the newness of the resort and investors leery of an untested destination. Today, this region is one of the most visited in the country. There are scores of hotels and resorts, many of which are all inclusive resorts. A number of these are luxury five star hotels, but there are also numerous budget properties. Another way to keep the cost of cheap trips to Cancun low is to consider vacation rentals. All of the major Mexico beach resorts have a wide selection of rentals available, from condos and apartments to villas and bungalows. Your cheap Mexican vacation will benefit you by allowing you to cut down on dining out costs, since they are equipped with full kitchens. They can also be very economical for families and small groups, since you can find rentals with multiple bedrooms, sleeping as many as ten or twenty people.

Cheap vacations in Mexico can also be had in the country's interior, visiting places such as sophisticated and cosmopolitan Mexico City, the retirement haven of Guadalajara, or the silver mining capital of Taxco. There are inexpensive lodging options in all these places.

Many decide that a cheap Mexican vacation is best booked as a vacation package. These often include transportation, including flights to the country and road transport between cities, hotel accommodations, many meals, and guided sightseeing tours. These can provide the most economical means of seeing an as much as possible, especially in more remote regions including the beautiful Copper Canyon and getting the most from your experience like informative tours of the Mayan ruins Mexico.

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