Cheap Vacation Destinations

Cheap vacation destinations can be found all over the world. Which are the top 10 cheap travel destinations depends on just what kind of experience you're looking for and where you're located. For travelers from the United States, the best cheap vacation spot might just be right around the corner from your own home. Every state, from Florida to Alaska, has a wide variety of reasonably priced hotels or other forms of accommodation, attractions, and things to do that can fill a weekend or a number of weeks. Flights around the mainland United States can be extremely inexpensive, and driving to many destinations is feasible, especially if you are flexible on time when planning your cheap vacations.

The best cheap vacation spot for gaming is undoubtedly Las Vegas, where hotel rates are usually low so as to entice as many as possible to spend their money in the casinos. Vegas also offers an array of awesome dining options, entertainment and shows, and nearby natural wonders such as Red Rocks. However, there are other excellent casino destinations run by Native Americans in California, Washington State, and Oregon.

If you want cheap beach vacations, the coast of Florida beckons with about 1,200 miles of coastline and world-famous theme parks, including Disneyworld and Universal Studios. If you want exotic tropical islands, you can head to Hawaii or venture further afield to the Caribbean or the Mayan ruins and gorgeous beaches of Mexico. Cheap tropical vacations have been possible in Thailand, home to beautiful Phuket Island, for decades. In the last twenty years, Southeast Asia countries like Vietnam, Myanmar (formerly Burma), and Cambodia are emerging destinations, offering cruises past magnificent temples on the Irrawaddy River, exploring rural life in the Mekong Delta, or exploring the vast complex of Angkor Wat.

Once you get where you're going, you will find that the top 10 cheap travel destinations change and shift constantly. However, there are some places in the world that have traditionally been inexpensive and others that are emerging since the fall of the Soviet Union and Iron Curtain. Cheap vacation destinations in Eastern Europe are emerging, and include the Adriatic coast of Croatia, the grand cities of the Czech Republic and Poland, and the romantic steppes of Hungary. Cheap vacation destinations in Europe that have been standbys for decades include Portugal and Spain on the Iberian Peninsula and the classic Greek Islands in the Mediterranean, where prices have been traditionally low.

Among the top 10 cheap travel destinations in the Mediterranean with a dash of exotic, look to North Africa and the Middle East. While you can find some of the best five star hotels in the world in Egypt, you can also explore the Giza Pyramids and the Temple of Karnak using inexpensive guest houses as your base of operations. The country of Jordan also offers a number of reasonably priced accommodations near the awe-inspiring ruins of Petra.

Once you've determined what is the best cheap vacation spot for you, consider other cost-saving factors, like traveling during the region's off season, booking vacation packages, or utilizing vacation rentals and car rentals. All of the destinations mentioned offer all of these options. Whether you're cooking your own dinners in a condo rental in Honolulu, cruising the tapas bars of Madrid, or camping out by the Grand Canyon, there are cheap vacations available everywhere for everyone. The booking tool on this page is also a great place to start comparing vacation deals, including hotels, flights, vacation packages, and cruises.

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