Disney Condos

Once you try Disney condos, you might never go back to staying in hotels again. Disney vacations are great for families looking to spend quality time together, and this should extend beyond the theme park to wherever you are staying. Hotel rooms aren’t very conducive to sitting back and relaxing over breakfast. By choosing a Disney World condo rental, you will receive significantly more amenities than you would at a hotel. If you’re craving some extra space during this trip to Orlando, then a Disney Florida condo rental could be perfect for you.

Disney condos have many bonuses. First, there’s the extra living space. A living room where your family can spread out, play card games, or watch TV is important to feel at home. Separate sleeping spaces can be a real solution to families who have outgrown a traditional hotel room. This means that everyone can go to sleep according to their own schedule, and there’s no need for a set bed time. By choosing a Disney World condo rental, you will also have the use of a private kitchen. Preparing some of your own meals and snacks will help you stay within a budget and keep your family healthy.

A Disney Florida condo rental can also help to keep the price of your trip down by sharing the condo with additional families or friends. Many condos can have as many as four or five bedrooms, with extra sleeping arrangements in the living room. If you think that a trip to Disney might be out of the budget this year, sharing the cost of a vacation rental might bring it within your grasp. Disney condos come in all shapes and sizes, whether you are a couple looking for a small one bedroom or multiple families looking to plan a family reunion in the happiest place on earth.

A Disney World condo rental has a long list of even further amenities. Families with children find laundry facilities to be a lifesaver. If your kids stain their clothes or need something washed during a trip, it is easy to throw in a load of laundry right in your own condo. If you also want to enjoy the beautiful weather in Orlando during your trip, look for a condo that has a pool. Many condo complexes offer pools, tennis courts, fitness rooms, and other amenities. These might cost a little more than condos that don’t, but many visitors think it is worth a few extra dollars to have the pool.

The only downside of a Disney Florida condo rental could be the location. Before you get swept up in amenities and pools, it is important to know how far the condo is from the main attractions. If you’re only planning on spending a couple days out of a week at the theme parks, then maybe location doesn’t matter. On the other hand, if you’re planning on spending every day at the theme park, you want to choose a condo that is only a short drive away or that has easy access to shuttle buses running to the park, so you can avoid paying for parking. Be sure to read the fine print, and you won’t have any trouble with choosing a condo instead of a hotel for your trip to Disney.

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