Disneyland Vacations

Disneyland vacations are atop the list of family trips that never go out of style, as they bring together entertainment for the kids with thrills for the adults. At Disney California Adventure there are rides for all members of the family, whether you want to go for a spin on the tea cups or ride the famous Matterhorn Mountain. The best time to visit Disneyland will vary depending on each family, but no matter what time of year you take a Disney vacation, the spirit of the happiest place on Earth is sure to be infectious. To really put a smile on your kids’ faces, plan a trip to Disneyland.

Disneyland Vacations
Disneyland Vacations

If your family always goes to Disney World, why not give the original theme park a shot? Disneyland vacations have plenty to offer that is new and different from Disney World in Florida. While the layout of the parks and some rides are different, the classic Disney touches will still be present. Expect all the great parades, opportunities to meet and greet the Disney characters, and a magical environment that will have you praising the creators of the park. Beyond the regular Disneyland park, there is also the Disney California Adventure park. Highlights here include the Hollywood Pictures Backlot area, featuring the thrilling Tower of Terror.

Cheap Disney TripsCheap Disney Trips

Cheap Disney trips are more plentiful than you might think, so if you’re worrying that you might not be able to afford a vacation this year, don’t let the economy get you down. There are great deals out there that will smiles on your kids’ faces. With a little research and flexibility, you can find cheap tickets to Disneyland and before you know it you will be screaming in delight on the Space Mountain roller coaster or watching one of the many parades. When planning a cheap Disney World resort vacation, the key is flexibility. To find the best value for money, you must be willing to travel when deals are available and stay in hotels that are part of packages. A few other strategies will also help you get to Disney for less.

Along with looking for hotel deals, another strategy for cheap Disney trips is vacation rentals, particularly condos. Orlando is full of vacation rentals that are spacious enough for a family, group of friends, or even multiple families. Splitting the cost of accommodation will help to secure a cheap Disney World resort vacation. Vacation rentals will also help you keep costs down by preparing some of your own meals in your private kitchen. Lowering the cost of meals every day will help you to stick to a budget. Vacation rentals also often have pools and possibly even a more relaxed atmosphere than hotels.

Disneyland vacations are also an opportunity for Disney films to come to life. At the Disney California Adventure park, the film A Bug’s Life comes to life with “A Bug’s Land” where little ones can explore the world from a bug’s point of view. A 3D-film is the cherry on top of this experience. In the Disneyland park, highlights include Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, the Indian Jones ride in Adventureland. Every visitor will have their own favorite rides, and recently added rides will make the park feel new again. From Mickey’s Toontown to Frontierland, there will be ride after ride of fun for the whole family.

Disney Vacation Packages
Disney Vacation Packages

The best time to visit Disneyland depends on many things. Some travelers want to visit the park when it is least busy, to minimize the time spend waiting on lines. Other travelers prefer to visit when there is a buzz from more people, and when the park stays open latest. The busiest times of the year are during national breaks from schools, such as President’s Day in February, April break round the Easter holiday, and between Christmas and New Years. During the summer months of July and August when schools are closed Disneyland is also a very popular destination. Avoid these peak times (and come during the week as opposed to the weekend) to stay away from the crowds.

Disneyland vacations aren’t only about rides and parades though. Once the sun sets, there is plenty of nighttime entertainment as well. The Downtown Disney district is home to a variety of dining and shopping, both for families or more romantic destinations. Live outdoor entertainment makes this a fun place to come for an evening stroll even if you aren’t interested in shopping or dining. A movie theater, nightclub, and open air cafes complete the list of features of the Downtown Disney district. For something extra special, visit the House of Blues stage and see who is playing. The best time to visit Disneyland is truly anytime!

Disney Vacation Specials

Disney Vacation SpecialsDisney Vacation Specials

Disney vacation specials just might entice you to make a move if you’ve been considering planning a trip but haven’t quite taken that first step. Like most places, it is possible to plan either a splurge Disney vacation or a budget-friendly one, depending on when you travel and what kind of vacation packages you can find. Travelers who are working on a budget can find a vacation deal at Disney World that won’t break the bank. By doing your research and following a few simple strategies, you could be spending quality family time in Disney World in no time. Get ready to watch the electric light parade, meet and greet some Disney characters, and scream in delight on the thrilling roller coasters.

Some travelers find that the best Disneyland vacation deal is the one they design themselves. One strategy for staying on a budget is to choose vacation rentals over hotels. Rentals provide more space for your family to spread out and you can save even more money by preparing some of your own meals in a private kitchen. If you choose vacation rentals and also seek out packages that give discounts on theme park tickets, you might wind up spending less money than by choosing a traditional package. Only research can tell, so be sure to look around online and crunch some numbers before making any decisions.

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