Europe Travel Ideas

Europe travel ideas are as numerous as your imagination, and there is a best Europe vacation idea that will satisfy just about any taste and match just about any budget. Young people have been bumming around, hitchhiking through, and cycling their way across the continent for decades. They stay in London cheap hotels and France hostels; book third class passage on the ferries that travel between the many Greek Islands; and party on the Ibiza beaches. While the best destinations in Europe for this group offer the most magnificent attractions at the cheapest prices, the wealthy and famous of the world have traveled through the same places in a far more exclusive and luxurious level of comfort.

Europe travel ideas for those who have no limits on their budgets include the same cities, countryside, and attractions—but the accommodations and level of service is much higher. There are fabulous traditional youth hostels in the glittering French Riviera city of Nice. But there are also over-the-top luxury hotels along the Promenade des Anglais and multimillion-dollar yachts moored in its jet set marina. For people in this category, the best Europe vacation idea might include some of the finest five star hotels in the world in the grand capitals of the continent. The Savoy in London England, the St. Regis Grand in Rome, the Le Royal Monceau in Paris, and the exclusive Moscow Kempinski provide the settings for the most indulgent tastes.

Some of the best destinations in Europe have little to do with standard of luxury or money savings. They are on the list because they are must see attractions and sights, and are accessible to all. Those on a budget might pay a bit more to see them, and those to whom money doesn’t matter might sacrifice a bit of luxury for the sake of the attraction. To get to the mysterious iconic site of Stonehenge in the countryside of Wiltshire south of London requires a car rental or booking an often expensive motorcoach tour from London. The Czech Republic boasts stretches of the most pristine old-growth forests in the continent, and lodging in this Sumava region of the Bohemian Forest is decidedly rustic and downscale.

Other Europe travel ideas concern beaches. There are many of them, and some of these provide the best destinations in Europe for those looking for sand and sun. The party beaches of Mykonos (Greece) and Ibiza (Spain) in the Mediterranean, the sun-drenched coasts of the French Riviera and Tuscany (Italy), and even the somber war memorials of Normandy (France) draw millions of visitors every year.

For some, the best Europe vacation idea might mean packing and unpacking only once and still being able to see many places. One way to do this is on European river cruises. The ships doing this are generally small and intimate, with only about 100 to 150 passengers. They ply the Rhine River, Main River, and Danube River from Amsterdam through Europe and to the Romania Black Sea. You can also enjoy cruises on the Seine, Rhone, and Soane Rivers through France – from Normandy to Paris and from Chalon to Nice through Provence and Burgundy. You can also cruise the Volga River and other waterways from St. Petersburg to Moscow, or the Elbe River from Magdeburg Germany to Dresden.

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