European Villas

European villas are different depending on the country and the location you choose, but one thing remains the same—privacy. Staying in villas mean you don't have to worry about common hallways, noisy ice machines, or unthoughtful guests. Whether you've chosen villas in Spain, a little farmhouse in Tuscany, or apartment rentals in the heart of Paris, you'll have quiet, comfortable accommodations all to yourself.

The various regions of Spain have a lot of variety, from the mountainous north to the sunny Costa del Sol along the Mediterranean. Likewise, the villas in Spain show a lot of diversity. The major cities, including Barcelona and Madrid, have various apartments for rental as well as chic private villas for rent. If you're looking for peace and quiet, and wide-open vistas, you could spend time in the Spanish countryside. Many people who make their way through the Spanish wine country choose stay in villas rather than local hotels.

Southern Spain, a favorite getaway hotspot for celebrities and the jet set, offers fantastic weather in all seasons and plenty of European villas for rent. The Costa del Sol and Marbella are home to beautiful beaches, historic castles, and are an excellent place to find great options for a villa vacation. After a day of lounging on the beach, enjoying some great shopping, and dining at outdoor cafes, it is nice to return to your villa to relax. Along the coast, you'll find many options for vacation villas, everything from simple little bungalows to grand estates that redefine elegance, many within steps of the Mediterranean.

More of best places to find villas in Spain are Mallorca and the Canary Islands. Away from the mainland, you'll find a lot to explore both on and off the beach, and many Atlantic or Mediterranean villas available for rent. Chic and sophisticated describe both Majorca and its available rentals. Tenerife, home to the highest peak in Spain, has some amazing natural settings and plenty of villas with a view. A neighboring Canary Island, Lanzarote is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that offers an intoxicating mix of beaches, cooling trade winds, and rainforests-with villas close to all of the natural areas.

While many of the European villas are located along the coasts, beach villas are not your only option. In Italy, many travelers experience the atmosphere and good living while anchoring in one of the Tuscany villas. Best known for its fresh food and good wine, Tuscany offers much to delight the senses. Estate wineries, lovely beaches, towering mountains, and other lovely landscapes are waiting to be discovered in this lovely region.

No matter what you pack into your day, you'll need somewhere to relax for the night—a place to recharge and gear up for a new day. Tuscany villas and chalets will give you the space you need for downtown with more style than you'd find with a plain old hotel room. Whether you want to stay in the capital of the region in the busier city of Florence or head out to the countryside and enjoy fine food and wine, there are villas to be found. Many of the old farmhouses have been converted into modern accommodations with the latest technology and decor that will delight even the most demanding and styling travelers, and plenty of luxury villas have been built in recent years. You'll also find unpretentious bungalows and nice apartments among the options for Tuscany villas.

If you're traveling to a holiday villa in Italy, or adding a villa to other vacation plans, you will enjoy a taste of the good life. Not everyone can afford a second house in Europe, but even those traveling on a tight budget will appreciate the extra amenities that come with upgraded accommodations; even cheap villa rentals have a lot to offer.

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