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European vacations are the dream for many travelers, as there are so many iconic places, buildings, and events to see during a trip here. You can plan an itinerary that revolves around Oktoberfest in Germany, the Carnival celebrations in Berlin and Vienna, gambling in Cannes, or sunbathing on the French Riviera—and these are just a few of the possibilities. For many people, the best European vacation spots combine outdoor activities, sightseeing, and tours along with local cuisine, shopping, and a range of hotels.

The Alps are known worldwide as one of the top destinations in Europe for outdoor adventures, especially skiing the slopes in Switzerland, Austria, France, and Italy. The ski resorts in Europe are top of the line, and whether you’re planning a trip to illustrious and well-known destinations such as St Moritz or Zell am See or heading for a new destination, like the Julian Alps in Slovenia, you won’t be disappointed with either the skiing or the accommodations.

The historical attractions of Europe are another big draw, and castles in particular are abundant. Travelers interested in seeing these beautiful structures will find them in many countries, and there are options for tours of medieval castles, historical buildings, and ancient ruins. Berlin has the magnificent Charlottenburg Palace, and in Austria, travelers can visit King Ludwig’s fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, which is said to have inspired the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland.

Other great castles to see include Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle in Scotland, the Versailles Palace in France, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace in London, and the Alhambra in southern Spain. What you see depends on where you’re going, but it won’t be hard to find at least a few castles to see during your vacation if that’s what interests you.

Museums are another popular thing to include on itineraries for Europe, and many of the best European vacation spots revolve around seeing the amazing museums, such as the Louvre in Paris, the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg Russia, Madrid’s Prado Museum, Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, and the British Museum in London.

Festivals are celebrated annually at many of the top destinations in Europe, and often these events are enough to draw travelers. Munich’s Oktoberfest is one of the biggest—more than 1.5 million people attend. The International Music Festival in Edinburgh and the Wimbledon tennis tournament in England are two big draws for travelers to the UK, and Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures summer festival features parades, concerts, food and drink, and performances over the four-day celebration. Vienna’s annual Carnival features parades, street performers, gondola excursions, highlighted with exquisite, decorative masks worn by locals and participants in the celebration.

One of the best things about a trip to Europe is the range of possibilities. This continent is a terrific place for beach vacations, honeymoons, and even family trips. Whether you’re at quiet Barleycove Beach in County Cork Ireland, partying at Barceloneta in Spain, or sunbathing in Mallorca or the Canary Islands, the beaches in Europe won’t disappoint. Families can find plenty of attractions both in and out of the cities to entertain the kids; while you’re here, why not consider spending some time at Disneyland Paris. And for romance, there’s no place like Italy—there are good reasons as to why it’s a top honeymoon destination.

Depending on how you want to spend your time, you can plan European vacations year-round, and best of all, it’s usually possible to find vacation deals to help save money on your travels. Internet research, such as through the booking widget on this page, can help you find great prices, and there are vacation packages as well that can ensure you have a stress-free getaway to some of the top destinations in Europe.

Europe Travel Deals

Europe Travel Deals
Europe Travel Deals

Europe travel deals begin with finding cheap airfare to your destination of choice. Many travel websites adamantly state that finding a fare for less than 500 dollars is completely doable, and that is in fact true—unlike Southeast Asia and Africa, Europe is easy to get to with an abundance of relatively cheap flights from many cities in the US. Yet departure point and time of year have much to do with price tags. There are some US destinations that offer extremely low-priced fares to certain European destinations. Fly into London and travel onward to your final destination and save substantially. There are many ways to enjoy the best Italian vacation deal, discounts for Swiss winter chalets, and generally excellent deals at hotels all over Europe. Knowing where and when to look are two keys to finding European travel deals. A great place to start is with the booking tool right on this page.

Looking for the best Italian vacation deal can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are literally thousands, which can make it difficult to narrow a few choice options down without feeling completely overwhelmed. If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK, it is simple to find a cheap flight or Europe vacation packages all around Italy. Flying in from the US or Canada, one option is to get on that UK train-of-thought and fly right into London Heathrow or Gatwick and continue on with a cheap connection with a European budget airline. Or, if you have the time, make it an adventure and travel from London to Italy by high-speed train without airport tax, baggage fees, and long lines. This is especially economic, not to mention super-scenic, for travelers with children under four who travel free. Rome is an expensive city, but not quite as expensive as London or Paris. Finding a deal here might mean being flexible on your lodging of choice, but splurging on an apartment rental right near the Spanish Steps is not the worst way to go either!

European Apartment Rental
European Apartment Rental

The best Italian vacation deal can be found by snagging up a vacation package that include flights and European apartment rentals. A holiday apartment rental in Europe is usually easy to find since they are so popular (especially in major cities from Paris to Madrid), can come at a great price, and can be found in any size, from a studio to a multi-room apartment. Apartment vacation rentals are gaining immense popularity, and as more tourists catch on and realize the perks that come with them, they are both more widely available and more broadly used for both short- and long-term stays.With thorough research, an affordable apartment can save money in many ways, primarily by eliminating the need for rental transportation and day-to-day dining costs. If you find a steal on a hotel room, then booking it, and finding other Europe travel deals might be worth it. If you’re flying within Italy, stick to weekdays and not weekends to find the best European travel deals on flights. Or, scrap the flights and hit the tracks with cheap train travel. But, if planning on enjoying numerous tours, a car rental, and accommodations, booking a package is still the most ideal way to get the best Italian vacation deal.

Europe Vacation Homes

Europe Vacation Homes
Europe Vacation Homes

Europe vacation homes are great options, both for travelers looking for luxury vacations, and those who have to stick to a budget. Vacation homes can be great for people visiting a European country for the first time, as staying in a home can make it much easier to immerse yourself in the local culture. Most Europe vacation homes are self catering, and come with fully equipped kitchens, so vacationers are invited to stroll through the local markets and pick up the finest regional ingredients to make their meals. There are a large number of privately owned houses in European countries, and it is common for people with holiday homes to rent them out to vacationers. This means that you can find Europe vacation homes that are truly off the tourist map, for a quaint seaside getaway, or an adventure in the heart of the countryside.

While all countries in Europe attract tourists, some are more popular than others for vacation homes. Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, Greece, and England are some of the most sought after destinations, with the greatest number of vacation homes on offer. One of the greatest benefits of renting a vacation home of your own, is that you can explore the countryside. Many people choose a France holiday home in the countryside to sample the relaxed French lifestyle and home-grown produce. The French Alps draw tourists in all seasons, and a typical France holiday home in the region can be anything from a quaint stone farm house to a villa overlooking the slopes of the mountain. Cottages in the countryside around the Alps, Provence, and the Pyrenees can be very reasonably priced, while there are more mid-value to luxury properties in the cities of Paris, Nice, and Marseilles. The Cote d'Azur, meanwhile, famed for yachting and high-class parties, is a good place to head for a truly elite France holiday home.

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