Fall Vacation Packages

Fall vacation packages come in a great variety, and one of the many perks of traveling during this season is the ability to choose among a lot of options for money-saving travel deals. Many airlines, hotels, cruise lines, and tour companies want to continue the booming business of the high summer season, so they use sales, incentives and packages to lure travelers who are planning fall vacations.

As the summer travel season comes to a close for major travel destinations, fall vacation packages abound. Travel web sites, tour companies and tourism boards offer discounted packages to popular destinations such as London, New York City, and Paris. If you're traveling within the Northern Hemisphere, watch for the best fall travel deals to begin mid-to-late September. There are some exceptions such as Thanksgiving and Oktoberfest, but overall, destinations that were too expensive in summer become far more affordable, but no less enjoyable.

Reputably, theme parks such as Disney offer some of the best fall travel deals. Significantly marked-down park admissions, hotel rates, resort fees, transportation costs and dining plans can save a family a large amount of money on a wonderful holiday. Fall vacation packages range from percentages off hotel costs, free dining plans, affordable airfare or a gift card to be used within the parks themselves. Both Disney World in Orlando and the original Disneyland theme park offer terrific deals at this time of year, which are particularly great for family vacations.

Another of the best fall travel deals is a repositioning cruise. Fall is when many cruise ships move from their summer sailing route to their winter sailing route. These cruise vacations are usually transoceanic, lasting ten days or longer. They do not include many stops but instead offer a great opportunity to relax onboard and take advantage of the ship's amenities for a significantly discounted price. The most popular repositioning cruises are from Europe and Alaska to the Caribbean, and from Asia to the Mediterranean. This type of trip does require buying a one-way plane ticket, but it’s still possible to get great deals on these as well.

Cruises are also a great source for Thanksgiving vacation packages, as well. Most cruise lines offer discounted specials to indulge in a huge turkey dinner with your shipmates aboard the high seas. Consider it a fitting tribute to the pilgrims' original maritime journey. The day after Thanksgiving is also a great time to take advantage of huge cruise sales. Many online travel reservation sites take part in after-Thanksgiving bargains on cheap cruises and tour packages.

One of the most popular and meaningful Thanksgiving vacation packages is a tour of historical New England. Visit the Pilgrim Monument on Cape Cod and have dinner in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the first Thanksgiving dinner was held at the Plimoth Plantation. Don't miss Plymouth Rock, marking the pilgrims’ landing in Massachusetts, and reserve your tickets far in advance for America's Thanksgiving Dinner at the Plimoth Plantation itself. Continue your journey to New York City to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, or on to Washington DC to see the annual presidential turkey pardon.

As more and more Americans take advantage of the holidays surrounding Thanksgiving weekend, Thanksgiving vacation packages to international destinations are becoming more common. Airfare and hotel deals to London, Paris, Rome and even Sydney are incredibly affordable during the last weekend in November. Since other countries don't celebrate Thanksgiving, prices on food and incidentals are usually very affordable, as well.

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